The modern world economy has made a step to a new era of its development, that is, to the era of the transition of digital economy. Preparatory and organizational works related with the transition to a digital economy entered the active phase in all countries of the world. Organizational and preparatory works in this direction is also going on in permanently Neutral Turkmenistan. This is evidenced by the Concept of the development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025, approved by the decree of the President of Turkmenistan of November 30, 2018. In order to implement this Concept, there are being consistently conducted training seminars aimed at training and improving managers and specialists. In order to clarify the distinctive features of the digital economy, as well as the main directions for implementing the Digital Economy Concept in the field of activity of the Central Commission for holding elections and referendums in Turkmenistan, we turned to the Deputy Chairman of the Central Commission of Turkmenistan, to A.D. Ussaev. Then he told us the following:

— The digital economy has great potential, and it fully complies with the requirements of world standards in development and transformation. The life of people and the development of the entire economy, following this path, open up new opportunities, speed up and simplify relations between organizations, enterprises and people.

Digital economy is also called electronic economy. The transition to a digital economy, as opposed to an ordinary economy, has both benefits and advantages. Their bases are the development of working productivity, increasing competition between enterprises, reducing the costs of organizations, the formation of new jobs. At present, in all countries of the world, there is increasing activity in joining to these huge transformations, which will affect to all areas of life, all sectors of the economy.

With the transition to the digital economy of the whole world, people, in accordance with the era of transformation, are moving towards a completely new life. And in our Neutral Turkmenistan, at the state level, are successfully conducted seminars to managers, specialists, as well as organized training of citizens and the whole society for these important changes. These studies are carried out within the framework of the Concept of the development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025, consisting of 7 parts. Great importance has the transition of the Turkmen economy to the digital system. The concept is planned to be implemented in 3 stages - stage 1 covers 2019 year, stage 2 - 2020-2023 years, and stage 3 - 2024-2025 years.

The implementation of the work of the esteemed President, related with the development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan, opens up a broad path to the active participation of our country in the global economy. According to the forecast of specialists, with the transition to the digital economy, in all sectors of our country will gradually decrease production costs, and working productivity will increase several times. This will give a multiplication of high-quality, competitive products, as well as saving time, costs, will give the possibility of the emergence of new sources of income. It is very important that the transition to the digital economy system is being prepared, which is considered a key part of the innovative development of all enterprises and specialists working there. And this will affect to the creative approach of each enterprise in the transition to a digital economy, the implementation of the ultimate common development, as well as the development of society.

As a result of the efforts of the national leader, special importance is attached to a comprehensive, prepared transition to a digital economy in every sphere of life, including the work of the electoral system. This can be seen on the example of the past elections. The installation of special cameras in dozens of polling stations in Ashgabat and velayats, as well as the broadcasting of the course of voters' voting online on the website of the Central Election Commission «saylav.gov.tm», is one of such events. At the same time, it can be noted that our people and other interested people can use this site («saylav.gov.tm») whenever they want.  There are systematically posted new materials. This shows that the elections in our country are held in an open and on the basis of democratic principles.

Broadcasting the course of voting of voters in the online mode is a kind of impetus of the transition of electoral system to the digital economy. In the future, we will refer to and follow the path laid by Arkadag, will try to ensure the improvement of this system at the level of developed countries, successfully introducing the digital economy into the activities of the Central Election Commission.

— Thanks for the interview!

The interview was conducted by journalist A. Akmyradov.