At a meeting of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan on September 25, 2019, a new stage in constitutional reforms was announced and a proposal was put forward to improve the country’s Basic Law. The main goal of this initiative, taking into account the achievements accumulated in our society and in the world, is to improve the work of the Halk Maslahaty, as well as the creation of a bicameral legislative body.

In our country, taking into account the tasks of creating conditions for further democratization of society and the life of the state, having created the Constitutional commission, its structure was approved by an appropriate document. Over the past period, three meetings of the Constitutional commission of Turkmenistan were held. Currently, incoming proposals for amendments and additions to the Constitution of the country and their generalization are being  studied, so effective and specific work is being carried out to collect and initially analyze incoming proposals and ideas from citizens, political parties of public associations and local authorities.

 As a result of the work on the collection and initial analysis of the proposals and ideas from ministries, industry and research organizations, universities, public associations and citizens of our country, a draft Constitutional Law of Turkmenistan “On Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan” was prepared.

There is a deep sense in the words that the National Leader emphasized at the third meeting of the Constitutional commission: “Our main goal is to increase the role and expand the powers of the Parliament of an independent country, further democratize all aspects of our lives.”

The National Leader instructed to fully publish in the media for a nationwide discussion of the Constitutional Law of Turkmenistan “On Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan”. After a nationwide discussion of this law, aimed at further improving and strengthening the constitutional system of the state, it is planned to submit it to the next meeting of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan. The adoption of this law will not only become a historic event for our country and people, but it will also open up great opportunities for the emergence of a bicameral structure of the legislative body of Turkmenistan and the triumph of democratic principles of governing the country.