Under the wise and prudent leadership of our esteemed President, each day of the year “Turkmenistan - Homeland of Neutrality” is filled with another page of history with a prosperity of great labor victories and fame. As a result of the tireless efforts of the President, great progress has been made in all sectors of the country. Under the leadership of our national leader, the hard-working and courageous people of our Neutral Turkmenistan is moving forward in unity and happiness. Let the holidays of our country be beautiful day by day!

Turkmen carpet festival is wide celebrated in our country every year of last Sunday of May along with other festive under the leadership of our President Arkadag. Under the leadership of our esteemed President, special attention is paid to the development of our national heritage and the carpet art which are the beauty of the world.

Turkmen carpet weaving has its origins in antiquity. As the saying goes, “The craft of the hand will pass by the people” the Turkmen carpet has been a fine art and natural beauty woven by our women for centuries.

It should be noted with pride that Turkmen carpet has been famous all over the world for its unparalleled beauty, strength, and high quality since the times of Turkmen Oguz Khan. In these delicate carpet’s kindness and skill of our bridesmaids are reflected, and bright hopes of our people are revived.

Origins of this perfect carpet and its glorious history is a great interest to scientists, travelers, and art critics around the world.

Numerous legends, songs, poems, proverbs, and various general works about our carpets are widespread among the people.

As all know, the books of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov – “The Living Legend” and “The Thrill of the Throne” glorifies the unique traditions of weaving and the beauty of Turkmen carpets, which makes a significant contribution to the promotion of the ancient traditions of the national carpet art. These pearls of great books of art and material culture have opened a new perspective on Turkmen carpet weaving as a rich source of great art for foreign audiences.

These valuable sources of the wisdom of our National Leader serve as the main guide for art scholars, writers, and carpet weavers. This research has been translated into several languages of the world and it has increased the number of people in many countries who respect our carpets and recognize the talents of our carpet masters.

Carpet gols (ornament) have become one of the unifying symbols of society in the modern Turkmen state, traversing a long way of development, and become an artistic expression of the spiritual identity of the people which have absorbed the mysteries of the centuries, adorning the national flag of our country and integral part of our architectural decoration. We are very pleased to use the proverbs from the book of our esteemed President called “The Source of Wisdom”. Exemplary proverbs can be “The horse is the support for the young man, and the carpet is the heart of the girl”, “Carpet weaving and carpet cutting”. Turkmen brides mastered their heart's desires with skill and subtlety.

They are embellished with beautiful scenery of nature, the lush desert, and the mountains of all colors and patterns available in nature. Our scientist Arkadag also mentions these colors in his book called "The Living Legend" - “Red - is the color of life, blue - is the sky and water, white - is the sign of truth and wisdom, yellow - is perfection, green - is youth and spring”. Thus, a variety of unique colors are formed in multi-colored patterns within their meaning and selection of artistic solutions. There are so many solutions that it's hard to say, as one of them will pacify, and another one will weaken the perceptibility of the observers. The fact that our bridesmaids praise on beautiful carpets is also ingrained in our folklore. They are reflected in the “läle”, “hüwdü”, “monjugatdy”, “matallar”, puzzles and proverbs.

As the Turkmen leader states: “Turkmen horses, carpets, musical instruments, “dutar”, jewelry, alabai dogs, yellow sheep” saryja goyun”, white wheat - are the foundations of the material values created by our nation” and fine carpets are our national pride. The Turkmen carpet is the spiritual condition of our people because the carpet lives in the spirit of our people.

If melodies created by our forefathers are pleasing and the carpets created by our forefathers comforts the heart. This craftsmanship embodies amazing miraculous power and reflects nationalism, elegance, honesty, and holiness.

Carpets are the destiny and the way of life of the Turkmen people but we must not deviate from the truth, because Turkmen brings a newborn child and then first thing lays the child on a Turkmen carpet, and at the end sends the person wrapped up in it to final journey.

Looking at the unparalleled beauty of our carpets, you can see that our forefathers built many states, and these carpets were the mansions and palaces of those states.

Our esteemed President is making great efforts in enhancing the prestige of Turkmen carpets and to develop the art of carpet weaving.

More specifically, on December 12, 2019 in Bogota, the capital of the Republic of Colombia was held the 14th session of the United Nations Intergovernmental Committee on the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

During that meeting, the decision to include Turkmen national carpet art in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind was unanimously adopted by the member states of the Committee. This is clear proof that the fine carpets created by the wonderful artistic hands of Turkmen women have been recognized by the world community as a splendent work of art. The initiative of the President to construct a magnificent building - National Museum of Turkmen Carpet in the beautiful capital Ashgabat shows that the carpet art is our national heritage and highly respected in our country. This museum is the hearth of spiritual and material culture and a treasure trove for hundreds of precious carpets.

Special attention is paid to the development of carpet weaving in our country. The demand for carpets and other carpet products for foreign citizens is growing day by day. Our esteemed Arkadag makes great efforts in this regard to create all conditions for this wonderful delicacy to be revealed to the world.

May our Esteemed President be healthy, let his cause develop in its greatness and always benefit the people with the prosperity of our progressive state!

May the sound of the Turkmen carpet weavers be heard loudly in the year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Neutrality" and nurture our peaceful land with new achievements!

Happy Turkmen Carpet Day to you, dear compatriots!


Ogulnyyaz Mammetnurova, 
Main specialist of Central Commission for
Holding Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan