World Bicycle Day was established by the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the initiative of our country, this holiday is being celebrated within the principles of peace and friendship. World Bicycle Day is celebrated on June 3 of the beautiful summer season with the great love and respect in the hearts of Turkmen citizens for the holy Motherland and the Leader of the Nation. Our country hosts various types of sociocultural sports events like special exhibitions, cycling competitions, and other creative competitions every year of this day. These events give an indescribable joy and excitement to the hearts of our citizens.

In recent years in Turkmenistan have been built modern sports facilities, stadiums equipped with modern equipment, sports schools, equestrian complexes, and many other sports fields. Special attention is paid to the development of cycling which is considered to be a part of the Olympic games and widespread in various sports.

For instance, the Olympic Village in Ashgabat fully complies to host the World Championships and has been recognized by the International Cycling Association. Also, a monument dedicated to World Bicycle Day is under construction in the capital city. Our modern sports facilities at the Olympic Village are also well-prepared to host two more major international sporting events - sambo and cycling world championships in the coming years.

In our country, cycling is popular and combined with effective recreation. Such commitment has a positive effect on the growing enthusiasm of our compatriots who follow healthy lifestyles.

The development of large-scale sports events is a solid foundation of our country for the well-being and happiness of our people.