Based on the humane, forward-looking initiatives of our National Leader, the implementation of legal reforms in the era of prosperity of our sovereign state brings into notice the amendments and additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan to legislatively strengthen fundamental reforms in all spheres of life of the society and the state by allowing us to adapt our Constitution into line with the requirements of the times.

On September 25, 2020, the draft of the Constitutional Law of Turkmenistan «On Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan» was fully approved by the resolution of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan and adopted by the Mejlis of Turkmenistan.

By adopting the Constitutional Law of Turkmenistan, it was transferred to the bicameral parliamentary system.

This event marks the beginning of a new phase in the development of parliamentarism and democratic developments in Turkmenistan.

According to a resolution of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan to hold the first elections of members of the Halk Maslahaty of Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan is scheduled on the last Sunday, March 28, 2021.

In this regard, following the resolution of the Central Commission for holding elections and referendums in Turkmenistan held on November 28 last year, the election season for the elections of members of the Halk Maslahaty of Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan began on January 2, 2021.

Preparations for this important political event are being carried out in a legal, organized and comprehensive manner.

Following the programme, to ensure that elections are held based on transparent and democratic principles, national observers have been appointed on the ground.

Observing the election process in the modern world has played an important role in the formation of democracy and the protection of human rights in public life.

However, despite the growing focus on international elections, the importance of local elections has  also been recognized.

In recent years, one of the main concerns of national observers has been the achievement of the triumph of popular power in public life by further strengthening the democratic principles of election observation following international norms.

Under Article 6 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, a total of 436 national observers in the velayat and Ashgabat city have been elected by political parties, public associations, and group of citizens to ensure that the elections are held transparently and democratically, also they were presented with a certificate recognizing their authority.

83 of these registered national observers are the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan, 60 are the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, 72 are the Agrarian Party of Turkmenistan, 72 are the Trade Unions of Turkmenistan, 66 are the Women's Union of Turkmenistan, 67 are the Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan, and 16 are designated by group of citizens.

Registered candidates will also appoint national observers during the election season, and eventually, the number of observers will increase.

Under the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, the legal rights of national observers to take effect on the day of their registration and end on the date of the official publication of the election results.

Data collected on the quality composition of current national observers are following:

- 56.88 percent of them are men and 43.12 percent are women;

- by age: 27.29 percent are under thirty, 31.42 percent are thirty to forty years old, 22.25 percent are forty to fifty years old, and 19.04 percent are citizens over fifty;

- by education: 59.63 percent higher, 29.59 percent special secondary, 10.78 percent secondary education;

- by sector: 62.84 percent in political parties and public organizations, 1.60 percent in industry, construction, 2.52 percent in agriculture and water economy, 11.93 percent in science, education, 2.29 percent in culture and arts, 0, 69 percent are healthcare workers, 1.38 percent are social workers, 1.15 percent are people working in finance and economics, and 15.60 percent are people working in other sectors of the country;

- by nationality: 97.71 percent are Turkmen, 2.06 percent are Uzbek and 0.23 percent are Uighur.

These national observers are monitoring the legitimacy of the election by ensuring the importance of elections is based on democratic principles. 


Maksatmyrat GELDIYEV,

Chief specialist of Organizational management of the apparatus
of Central Commission for holding elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.