07 Nov

Administration center of Аhal velayat

The Head of Turkmenistan gives impetus to large-scale projects that comprehensively develop our state. As a result of these system works, not only our capital, but also other velayats, etraps, villages and settlements of our state develops every day.

In 31st of October of this year, on the territory of the gengeshlik Gorjav of Geoktepe etrap, the Head of State reviewed the projects and drawings of the complex of administration and other buildings, living houses and facilities including the monument, square with flagpole and other facilities related to public organizations, agricultural, financial, economic spheres, health protection system, transport, communication, municipal services and trade. According to the project, the Ruhiyet Palace, building of regional educational and cultural administration, drama theatre, library and museum will be built.

It will also has modern sport infrastructure, which is based the stadium and two sport complexes. In addition, it is planned to have a big park. Banking sector was represented by Ahal Department of the Central Bank and branches of big banks of the country. Number of buildings will be built for law enforcement structures of the region.

It is planned to build the building for High International Equestrian Breeding School with hippodrome and training fields, arena and stables, Scientific and Production Equestrian Breeding Centre. These facilities together with nearby International Equestrian complex will form equestrian cluster, which will allow bringing this industry to the world level.

Educational system will be represented by new secondary and initial professional schools, comprehensive schools and kindergartens.

Multi-profile hospital, clinic, communication station, multilevel shaded and outdoor parking, business center, wedding palace, bazar and shopping center are among social and living infrastructure facilities.

New modern high apartment buildings will give new look to administration center of the region. One of the options of the project offers to build 208 apartment buildings, 142 12-storey and 66 9-storey buildings for 13,452 families, on the area of 874 hectares. Therefore, the population of this living estate will be 67, 260 people.

Other option presented to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for review suggests 212 five and seven-storey buildings for 7,916 apartments, which are around 39,580 people.

The third option of the project proposes the construction of 235 apartment buildings where the most part are 9-storey buildings and 72 buildings will have 12-storeys. In general, the estate will have 13,554 apartments where 67,770 people will be able to live.

The area of the fourth option is 880 hectares. It is planned to build five and seven-storey apartment buildings.

And the fifth option occupies 862 hectares and it is planned to build 4 and 9-storey buildings.

Several options of public buildings and construction of living complex have been presented to the attention of the Head of the State. Each project has been presented in two options of planning and number of levels of the buildings.

As the Turkmen Leader noted, the concept of this large-scale social project consists three directions and must comply with the environmental, innovative and know-how requirements approved in the world. Along with ecology, seismological requirements must be strictly observed in the proposed structures. This should be the main requirement for the construction of a new city.

Every citizen of Turkmenistan is immensely grateful to Arkadag for magnificent projects opening up new ways of transforming Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan into a colorful country. Because, grandiose plans created by the President of Turkmenistan, judge that our country is being transformed into a heavenly abode.

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