In Turkmenistan annually on the last Sunday of May is widely celebrated the day of the Turkmen carpet and textile industry workers. On this day, there are dedicated various celebrations, get organized events to demonstrate the growth of Turkmen carpet art, craftswomen craftsmanship, and the characteristics of carpet weaving.

At the new historical moment, across the Earth, the popularity of the Turkmen carpet increased even more. There are continues successful solemn procession through the Land of Fame of this wonderful handmade art of the Turkmen.

Our skilled carpet weavers, in recent years, have amazed fans of this marvelous art with new woven patterns of exquisite carpets. Seeing the exquisiteness of carpet portraits woven by their hands, landscape rugs subtly and pictorially depicting nature, double-sided and woven carpets from the bottom of their hearts, giant carpets weighing several tons, various gift carpets ... fully convinced that in our country the development of this art is thriving day to day.

At the present time, through the efforts of the distinguished President, a deep study of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, careful preservation and enhancement of the ancient traditions and values ​​of the art of carpet weaving has been brought to the level of the priority direction of state policy.

The creative talent of the people is revealed to the whole world in skillful carpets, beautiful fabrics and embroideries that have reached our days. Storage in the largest museums of the world as historical valuables, carpets and patterns of vestments woven by several generations of Turkmen masters is a sign of great respect for our women who have dedicated themselves to this art.

Dear President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in his books “Living Legend” and “Beauty of Heaven,” separately notes that Turkmen carpets have eternal, everlasting beauty. Dear President is making every effort to develop the art of carpet weaving. Consistent support for the development of the ancient traditions of this art means that carpet weaving in our country will continue to flourish more and more.