Democratic values - the foundation of progress

The coming 2017 will be in the historical annals of the country marked an important socio-political event - the election of the President of Turkmenistan. These elections will be a direct political will of millions of citizens and a concrete expression of the democratic process, actively developing in our country.                                                                                                            

In the current election campaign, taking three parties participated: the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Agrarian Party, which nominated their candidates. However, in accordance with Article 46 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan on the initiative of a group of citizens put forward six candidates for the President of Turkmenistan. All this testifies to the full realization of Article 17 of the new Constitution, according to which the political diversity and the multiparty system are recognized in Turkmenistan. The State ensures the necessary conditions for the development of civil society. 

As pointed out by the President of Turkmenistan, the organization of democratic elections contributes to further enhance political culture of the whole society and each citizen, to strengthen the unity of the people and the authorities, consolidation of society on democratic foundations. That is a real possibility of participation of voters in the management of state affairs, in particular in the process of formation of public authorities at all levels, allows to characterize the state as democratic. There will also be appropriate to cite Article 3 of the Constitution, which states: "The sovereignty of Turkmenistan is carried out by the people, the people are the sole source of state power. The people of Turkmenistan exercise their power directly or through representative bodies. No part of the people, no organization or individual has the right to appropriate power in the state. "

Thus, it was electing public authorities (officials) and, consequently, their responsibility to the people, is a key element in the mechanism of direct democracy. Citizens' participation in shaping the public authorities allows them aware of themselves a significant part of the political system of society. The system of national values, around which is rallying the people, is crucial.

All of the past decade in Turkmenistan keeps a steady socio-economic development, peace and progress. This is the main indicator of the state of society and promotes increasing the activity of the people. Active life position of population is a reliable assurance that optimization of social development problems are solved effectively. The life of every Turkmen citizen confirms the correctness serial principles: “Peace through Development”, “The State - for the people” and “Health and inspiration.”

Direct election of the President of the country - it is the most democratic method of forming a public authority. A quarter-century of independence of Turkmenistan has shown optimality of state government in the form of a presidential republic. At the present time formed a stable system of social values in the Turkmen society in conditions of political pluralism. The origins of the citizens of Turkmenistan patriotism inherent in the national heritage and traditions of the people, as well as concentrated in the constitutional principles. Referring to the origins, the traditions we give a new breath and momentum conserving their identity, we advocate for the preservation of cultural identity and of all other peoples, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasizes. Constitutional principles are general democratic, Multicivilizational, political and legal values of state-organized society.

At the present time the media published the biography of the candidates for the post of the President of Turkmenistan and their programmatic statements. People been granted the right worthy choice. An objective assessment experience gained and distance traveled in the socio-economic development of Turkmenistan for the past ten years, an analysis of milestones achieved independence and sovereignty convincingly prove the rightness of the chosen model of sustainable development of the country and the need for further follow this path.

Of great importance in the selection of the candidate for the post of head of state is attached to the personal qualities of the candidate. The role of such personal qualities as humanism, personal and social responsibility, heightened sense of goodness and justice, dignity and respect for the other person’s dignity, courtesy, emotional stability, decisiveness, foresight, wisdom, analytical thinking and a number of others are important features for a political leader. At the same time to select effective ways of socio-economic development and require specific management experience.

In general, we can say with complete confidence that Turkmenistan as a democratic, legal, secular state with a sustainable developing economy occupying a worthy place in the international arena, ensures the interests of the person, his rights and freedoms. The value characteristics of what we have, it is important For correct definition prospects.

Yagmyr Nuriyev,
Director of the Institute of State and Law 
under the President of Turkmenistan,
Doctor of Law.