The wonderful project of a new large complex in the north of the capital, a kind of city in the city - Ashgabat-city, approved by the national Leader, surprised not only the people of Turkmenistan, but also the people of the region. This project was another confirmation of the successful implementation of the socio-economic strategy of the distinguished President, and the investment of significant investments in our country in large-scale urban construction.

In the coming years, in the north of Ashgabat 744 hectares of land will be allocated for Ashgabat-city, which includes a complex of administrative buildings, service enterprises, residential buildings, health care facilities, cultural centers, schools and other facilities for social purposes. In this new city it is planned to build more than 200 buildings, more precisely, different in height - from 12 to 35-storey 180 residential buildings. They will be 17.836 apartments. In general, the entire etrap is designed for more than 107 thousand inhabitants. It is planned to build buildings of the hakimlik and other state organizations, four secondary schools for 3.000 places and four kindergartens for 1.200 kids, as well as the building of the Turkmen National Conservatory and the specialized music school named after Danatar Ovezov.

Among the social facilities are a multidisciplinary hospital, two polyclinics, two shopping and entertainment centers, shops and cafes, a stadium and a sport complex, the "Toý mekany" celebration center, four multi-level parking lots. Also here, residents of the city will be served by branches of the State commercial banks “Türkmenbaşy” and “Halkbank”.

The residential complex includes eight types of houses: two buildings of 15 floors for 150 apartments each, 42 buildings of 12-15 floors - 54 apartments each, 12 buildings of 20 floors for 40 apartments, 56 buildings of 21-23 floors - 88 apartments and 36 buildings with the same number of floors, but with a different external appearance - for 136 apartments, 16 buildings of 25 floors - 75 apartments each, 4 buildings of 35 floors - 140 apartments and 12 buildings of 33-35 floors - for 136 apartments. All buildings have a common style decision and differ from each other in design of facades, silhouette, and a combination of proportions.

In the center of the city there will be built the building "Ak öý" as an architectural symbol of the continuity of national traditions associated with the ideas of the Turkmen people about their Homeland and the whole world. At the suggestion of the President, this building will become the original heart of the complex.

In this regard, paramount importance has technologies, which ensures their seismic resistance.

With the implementation of this project, Ashgabat will enter to a new phase of development, a new era of its history, in which it will become the capital of innovation, high urban culture, investment activity and tourism.

The projects Ashgabat-city are a wonderful fruit of the efforts of the national Leader in the direction of rising to the international level the fame and authority of our Motherland. This project is an amazing attribute of a peculiar manifestation of the political, economic, spiritual and cultural prosperity of the Turkmen state.

The projects Ashgabat-city of our national Leader, adopted by the Turkmen people with great enthusiasm, are a large-scale developing symbol of the prosperity of Neutral Turkmenistan.