Sacred Independence – the bright path of millennia!

On September 27, our country solemnly celebrates the 28th anniversary of state Independence. This holiday is the main holiday of our people. Because, it is a wonderful celebration of the dream of fathers and grandfathers of freedom and sovereignty, a bright path to a happy future of the Turkmen people for thousands of years. Sacred Independence, giving people invincible freedom, spiritual and material values, has given recognition of our country in the international arena as a free state. This date opened a new era in the life of our country, widely known in the world as a democratic state, which considers a human the highest value. And therefore, this holiday is celebrated annually with great labor victories.

The country is undergoing tremendous transformations that have absorbed all spheres of state and public life. These positive transformations on diversification of the national economy, carried out under the guidance of the respected President, create excellent conditions for solving important large-scale tasks in our country, for high-level growth of the processing industry, for the formation of a global economic system that stimulates the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. As a result of the implemented policy of radical reforms for the implementation of large investment projects, it is ensured a high degree of growth of all sectors of the economy.

During the years of glorious Independence, as a result of the visionary programs of our Arkadag, a new model of the national economy was created in our country. This pattern has led our country to the great achievements of socio-economic growth. At present, our Independent Homeland is successfully developing bilateral and multilateral friendly foreign relations and beneficial cooperation within the respected international organizations and structures. Our country, which has become the center connecting transport routes between Asia and Europe, becoming a testament to the rapid growth of trade, economic, humanitarian and cultural relations, has become a new prosperity in the modern form of the Great Silk Road. And this shows that the foreign policy of Independent Turkmenistan, based on peacefulness, is recognized and widely supported throughout the world.

On this great holiday, we wish further prosperity to the initiatives of the distinguished President aimed at turning of our country into a strong, powerful, prosperous, highly developed state, on the prosperous and happy life of our people, on strengthening the principles of peace, friendship and goodwill throughout the world!