Saying goodbye to 2019, which has become a year of success in ensuring a happy life for our people, it’s a great joy to meet 2020 - the year of new heights of the country's development, the year of the mouse on the Eastern calendar!

In the past year, our hardworking dayhans, having handed over a rich harvest of wheat and “white gold” to the bins of the Motherland, made a great contribution to increasing the well-being of the people.

As a result of the efforts of the respected President in Neutral Turkmenistan, special importance is attached to the stable growth and well-being of the state, which is moving along the path of accelerated growth of science, the rapid introduction of innovative technologies in production, and the transition to a digital economy.

We firmly believe that 2020 will be a year of prosperity, our whole Motherland will achieve prosperity and every citizen of Turkmenistan will live even happier.

Dear President, in his speeches separately notes that in the life of our Motherland there is a period of rapid movement along the path of creativity and prosperity, awaiting inspirational forecasts for the future. And therefore, in the New Year, Independent, Neutral Turkmenistan expects great growth. Let in 2020 the great efforts of the Arkadag for the people and the Motherland achieve even more wild growth!

The enthusiastic Turkmen people with great hope enter to 2020 year. The main task of our people is to achieve success at the level of the requirements of the developed world in politics, economics, cultural and humanitarian sphere, medicine, science and education, in a word, in all areas of life. With all our hearts, we wish even greater success to every initiative of the national Leader striving for rapid growth in the new 2020 year Turkmen economy, surprising the world with high growth rates.

The Central Election Commission wholeheartedly congratulates the hardworking people of Independent, Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan on the New 2020 Year! We wish the distinguished President, our people good health, family happiness and success! May the future of the indestructible and blessed Turkmenistan moving forward, only forward through the bright path of the President of Arkadag be happy and bright!