Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan, as a result of the wise, visionary and democratic policies of the respected President, flourishes day by day.

In the epoch of the power and happiness of our country, together with all other sectors, by direct attention to the electoral system of the Head of our state, close support for the work of the Central Election Commission, elections in our country are based on national legislation and in accordance with international norms, as well as all the electoral system is being improved more.

Saying "electoral system", it means a system that combines all legal norms to regulate the procedure for holding elections and determining the results of voting, ensuring suffrage. The concept of “electoral system” can be explained both briefly and in detail.

In a short sense, this means ways to nominate candidates, vote for them and determine the outcome of the election. And in a broader sense, the “electoral system” is explained by the organizational and legal foundations of elections.

In history, the electoral system has manifested itself in several ways. And the countries of the world, considering the possibilities, chose a suitable electoral system for themselves. In international practice several types of electoral systems are used. In our country, a majoritarian electoral system is used.

In the history of mankind, the majority electoral system is the earliest and first electoral system that emerged, and one of the main electoral systems found in international practice, which has three types.

The majority word comes from the French word "majorite", meaning "majority".

Speaking about the majority electoral system, mean the direct election of voters of the candidate in a single-mandate constituency and in the manner prescribed by law, on the basis of a relative, absolute and qualified majority of votes.

That is, to whom more votes were cast, he is considered elected. Votes cast for other candidates lose their strength.

The majority electoral system is the system formed before all others. In different countries operates its various types. It should be noted that in international practice the other two are also used - proportional and mixed electoral systems or the other two are the relative and qualified types of the majority electoral system.

In our country, the elections of the President of Turkmenistan, deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, members of the velayat, etrap, city Halk maslahaty and Gengeshes held in single-mandate constituencies use the majority electoral system of the absolute majority, that is, the candidate with more than half (50% + 1) votes is considered elected.

This norm of the majority electoral system of the absolute majority is established in the first paragraph of clause 3 of Article 76 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan.

In this type of voting, the following numbers are accurately calculated:

  1. The total number of voters on the list;
  2. The total number of voters participating in the vote;
  3. The total number of ballots declared invalid.

In this type of voting, it will be established the minimum number of votes cast for a candidate from among those participating in the voting. For example, 50% + 1.

The disadvantage of this type of voting is that if none of the registered candidates in the constituency has gained the established level of votes, then the election will be considered invalid. Consequently, the more candidates registered in the constituency, the less is the possibility of collecting more than half of the votes of voters who took part in the vote. And there are cases when none of the candidates can get more than half the votes of the voters who took part in the vote. As a result of this, in the constituency, repeat voting or repeat elections are held.

An alternative form of the majority system of the absolute majority is also used.

In an absolute majority system, the greater number of candidates in a constituency, the less possibility of any of them is getting an absolute majority of votes. And therefore, elections on this system are increasingly held to no avail. To prevent this, there are various possibilities.

The first method is called alternative (the need to choose one of two or more possible solutions) by voting.

The second method is a re-voting of a candidate who has collected a certain percentage of votes. The second stage of this election or re-voting.

Of course, in the elections held in countries with a large number of parties, situations of manifestation of the shortcomings of the majority electoral system are possible.

However, international experts for the elections with the participation of three parties, note the convenience of a majoritarian electoral system. Also, the great importance of the majority electoral system in ensuring direct suffrage, in other words, the democratic principles of the holding elections.

One of the main tasks is to study in detail the international experience in holding elections and the directions of the electoral system, conduct explanatory work on this among voters and election commissions, convey information to the masses, as a result of which, to further democratize society and improve the electoral system.

The main goal of the elections held in constantly Neutral Turkmenistan is the use of constitutional rights of citizens, the achievement of creating all conditions for participation in managing the affairs of society and the state directly, as well as through freely chosen representatives.

Under the wise guidance of the distinguished President, the elections of various levels held in accordance with international requirements in our country have become the triumph of the democratic policy of Turkmenistan recognized by the world, and the authority of the Turkmen people throughout the world rises even higher.


Annadursun Meskutova, 
Chief specialist of the Organizational department of Central Commission for holding elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.