The Turkmen people, who brought our country on a par with rapidly developing states, who voted for the great transformations, made a responsible and important decision on February 12, 2017. Reflecting on the great deeds carried out under the wise guidance of the popularly elected wise politician and decisive Leader, a talented scientist, a prominent statesman of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, you are fully convinced that the National Leader is, above all, a true patriot immensely loving our Motherland and fully believing in creative the potential of our people!

We are witnessing the international growth of the authority of Turkmenistan, which has great economic power, initiated by the respected President of large-scale transformations and the withdrawal of Turkmenistan from an agrarian state to a number of rapidly industrializing countries. The place occupied by the state in international relations depends on the level of achievement of domestic policy, the level of well-being of the people, life and democratic principles, and the effectiveness of civic organizations. Our esteemed President, having created all the conditions for the development of public consciousness, comprehensively stimulates the improvement of these structures.

Under the wise guidance of the distinguished President, the main sectors of our country will improve significantly, the structure of our country’s life will be improved, the face of the ancient Turkmen land will be completely transformed, and important successes in the social system will be achieved. They are reflected in improving the quality of life of people, the reliability of legal guarantees, spiritual and creative activity.

Our Head of State, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, aimed at actively introducing our country into the world political and economic space, giving impetus to new projects based on the most advanced international experience, directed all transformations to ensure a decent life for the people. These conditions contain the possibilities for material well-being, a comfortable life, the spiritual perfection of our society, the full disclosure by a person of his creative and mental abilities.

Dear President, he emphasizes the emergence of a new state doctrine. The slogan “State for man!” Has become its main goal. And the main principle of the national Leader was the words he said “Reliance on the people and for the good of the people.”

The spiritual values that have accumulated the rich experience of our fathers have become an unshakable creation of political culture in Turkmen society. Harmonious customs with new trends, a characteristic feature of modern Turkmen political culture.

In other words, it has become one of the important means of improving the country with a historical heritage and the development of Turkmen society. The implementation of the new latitudes and opportunities noted in the large-scale programs of the respected President was based on the historical experience of our people, their ancient worldviews.

Before our eyes and before the eyes of the world community, large-scale programs, bold ideas, deep political, economic, social transformations were carried out, which, having gained an indisputable character, turned Turkmenistan into a strong, prosperous state. The steady growth of gross domestic product, the diversification of industry, the creation of industries to replace imported goods and the opening of new export spaces are evidence of the success of all the transformations of our national Leader.

Important steps have been taken in the creation of international transport structures, gas pipelines, roads and railways, water and airways, new oil and gas processing industries and other multidisciplinary systems. Mutually beneficial international cooperation, attracting foreign investment, radically new construction of the entire system of managing the national economy, the rapid growth of market relations and the private sector have gained an unprecedented high pace.

The new program of the respected President on socio-economic development of Turkmenistan for 2019-2025 sets out large-scale plans to strengthen the competitiveness of our economy, fully propel market instruments and methods, introduce the latest digital technologies, increase the contribution of the non-state sector to implement important international and regional major investment projects.

On the part of our esteemed President, an important area of state policy aimed at improving the level and quality of life of the population, is aimed at protecting the social well-being, rights and interests of all our people and every citizen and remains so. Improving the effectiveness of health care systems, science and education, culture and other activities are shown as an important direction for future events, they will help the maturation of a mature society.

Together with them, the main direction of our country for 2019-2025 from our esteemed President nominated from the high rostrum of the United Nations and received wide support from the international community of deep initiatives, including on the basis of proposals on water, energy and transport diplomacy to achieve the goals Sustainable growth, demonstrating the level of achievement in our country.

Under the wise guidance of the distinguished President, the working experience of past years has shown the ability of the Turkmen people to rally around their Leader to carry out some of the largest projects. High results, undeniably achieved milestones, great successes, excellent harmony between all sectors of society achieved in Turkmenistan are a symbol of the immense trust of the country's citizens in the respected Head of State.