The National Day of the Turkmen Horse celebrated every year, on the last sunday of april with great importance in our country. This holiday attracts a relative prominence all over the world after 2020 declared as a year of “Turkmenistan – the homeland of Neutrality” in the country. The Akhal-Teke is a Turkmen horse breed, they are recognized for endurance, intelligence, and beauty that is the reason our country working in a systematic way to ensure in spreading the glory of Turkmen horses in a worldwide arena.

In the present age, Akhal-Teke horses are positioned to be a prominent leader in the world of horse breeding. They are regarded to be Turkmen people’s precious heritage and national pride, known to be a trusted companion on a tough day of courageous Turkmen youth. Horse games are the beautiful ornaments of our national celebrations performed by Turkmen mates that leave a deep impression on our compatriots and foreign guests.

Our country has all conditions and opportunities for the development of equestrian art and sports created by our state. Turkmen horse breeders are doing excellent work in maintaining the purity of our horses and in incrementing their numbers. In this field, our country has fruitful cooperation with the countries all over the world to sustain the mutually beneficial exchange of experience as well as to further improve the livelihood conditions of our horse breeders.

Turkmen horse breeders have exceptional experience in selective breeding that is passed to the younger generation of our nation for education and knowledge about the rich heritage of our ancient horse breeders. Turkmenistan has a significant expansion of Akhal-Teke horse breeding built with fully maintained equestrian hippodromes in capital of our country Ashgabat, as well in all over the regions- Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary. These hippodromes have all favorable conditions for the development of horse breeding with internationally standardized recognitions. These advantages serve greatly for the emerging new generation of equestrian art to improve and develop sportive education.

We congratulate wholeheartedly all our compatriots with National Day of the Turkmen horse. Let our Independent and Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan move forward towards the future with great strength under the wise guidance of our esteemed President!