Nowadays, we are witnessing the wide-ranging reforms initiated by our esteemed President who has made Turkmenistan one of the fastest-growing countries in the world with international prestige of reliability and peaceful relationship. He is a far-sighted politician and innovative leader, a true patriot who loves our Fatherland and believes in the creative potential of our people.

In February 2007, a responsible and important decision was determined for the future of Turkmenistan and its strategy for the great history of our Motherland. Our people voted the same year in the presidential elections for reforms that would bring our country to the next level of development for the world.

Turkmen people unanimously supported all the initiatives of our national leader in the 2012 and 2017 elections ensuring the unbroken integrity of our society.

Under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the path of sustainable development of our Motherland wisely being carried. Nowadays, we bow to the services rendered to the nation by our esteemed President. A miracle has been created in every aspect of life with the wisdom of our esteemed President. We see the fruits of this unique miracle in the form of magnificent buildings and factories, complexes, and structures and thus the image of provinces and districts is changing day by day that has become the paradise of the country.

The role of our country in international relations depends on the success of domestic policy which is the well-being of our people, the effectiveness of social and democratic principles, and the effectiveness of civil institutions. Our esteemed President creates all the conditions for the development of our society and comprehensively encourages the improvement of these structures.

The continuation of positive reforms based on ancient principles with modern harmony of traditions with new tendencies is the hallmarks of modern Turkmen political culture which is based on real people's democracy.

Turkmenistan has taken important steps to create a multifaceted system of international transport systems, gas pipelines, highways and railways, maritime and air routes, new oil and gas refineries, etc., also mutually beneficial international cooperations, foreign investment attraction which has gained excellent momentum.

Fundamental changes have been made in all spheres of life laying the groundwork for achieving great goals over the years, mainly in the areas of public administration and the economy.

Comprehensive national programs and transition to digitalization have begun and currently being implemented under the wise leadership of our esteemed President. Our national leader constantly encourages the development of civil institutions, a multi-party system, and entrepreneurship. This helps to accelerate socio-economic development.

In this regard, the two-chamber system of the National Parliament and the drafting of a new Constitution is being under process.

The main feature of all the reforms was initiated by our esteemed President, that is, the essence of his innovative nature is aimed at ensuring a prosperous and happy life of the Turkmen people.