Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, our independent, permanently Neutral state in a historically short period has acquired great international authority following the principles of peace and kind neighborliness. Our country is fruitfully cooperating with the countries of the world and authoritative international organizations. As is known, the adoption of Resolution in 2017 declaring of each year of December 12 as the International Day of Neutrality was a recognition of the successful foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Neutrality is an important condition for ensuring global peace and security, as well as preventing disputes, mutually beneficial cooperation, and sustainable development.

Our primordial principle is to resolve the problem peacefully. Some compositions also confirm this. That is, in the book of our esteemed President "Music of Peace, Music of Friendship and Brotherhood" has been said: "Since the creation of humanity, the concern of developed societies was to create the foundations of peaceful, harmonious and secure future." In the book "Music of Peace, Music of Friendship and Brotherhood" has been said about the importance of folk wisdom, associated with peaceful coexistence. In the works of art of the famous Turkmen musician Shukur bakhshi, who lived in the late XIX - early XX century, been revealed the role of our people in resolving issues of that time. This mentioned valuable book is a unique expression of wise thoughts of the universal values of our esteemed President. The book reveals the Turkmen model of peace, friendship, and brotherhood.

There is a saying among the people with a philosophical meaning: "Aryk flows where it used to flow." Turkmenistan's foreign policy is based on its clear goals focused on the development of cooperation with the world countries and international organizations. The successful implementation of this policy is based on the principles of the legal status of the Neutrality of our country. The policy of humanitarian, friendly, and wide international cooperation based on positive neutrality contributes to the growth of the international authority of Turkmenistan.

The proclamation of the International Day of Neutrality by the United Nations on December 12 of each year is clear evidence of the triumph of our country's policy of neutrality in international relations. The Turkmen model of Neutrality has played a positive role in ensuring stability, security, and peace in the region, as well as in promoting sustainable development between countries.

The United Nations Organization highly appreciates the contribution of Turkmenistan to the development of peace, friendship, and mutually beneficial relations with the countries of the region and other countries of the world, as well as the role of Turkmenistan in matters of environmental protection and strengthening socio-economic cooperation in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea region. This is illustrated by the experience of Neutral Turkmenistan in international relations and its foreign policy implemented in practice.

As a country with an officially recognized permanence of neutrality, Turkmenistan has put forward several important initiatives aimed at solving environmental, transport, and energy problems. It should also be noted that Turkmenistan is a leader in the implementation of the global sustainable development agenda. A lot of work has been done to confer sustainable development programs to national conditions, adopted by our President in their implementation in recent years.

In the era of power and happiness, the economic potential of Turkmenistan demonstrates new high frontiers in international cooperation in the name of global peace and sustainable development by representing the transport, energy, water supply, and other industrial facilities of national and international importance.

25-year journey in the legal status of permanent neutrality, our state has adequately fulfilled its obligations and has become the most reliable partner of the United Nations. In other words, permanent Neutrality is peaceful coexistence with all people which was the main dream of our ancestors.

In different historical periods, our people have always been a supporter of a calm and benevolent life with peaceful relations and the traditions of good neighborliness with neighboring countries. In this regard, it is important to emphasize that our legal status of permanent Neutrality corresponds to the unique national qualities and worldview of our people.

Permanent Neutrality is the basis of a bright destiny in the coming centuries of the peaceful life of our young state and people.

Turkmenistan's Neutrality is based on the principles of peace, prosperity, and good neighborliness of our people. Based on this principle, today our status of Neutrality prevails on earth and became the national pride of our people.

Neutrality is a guarantee of a comfortable life and confidence to a peaceful tomorrow. Neutrality means joy and being proud of your homeland and the people. Every year, our people celebrate December 12 with great joy and excitement - the International Day of Neutrality.

The fact that the year of the widely celebrated 25th anniversary of the adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution "On the Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan" was named "Turkmenistan - Home of Neutrality" made our people very proud.

On this occasion, our inspired poets composed a beautiful poem, and our mellifluous bakhshis having created lyrical heart-moving songs propelled even higher glory of Turkmen Neutrality.

May our Independent and permanent Neutrality always take our country to great heights within the bright path in the epoch of power and happiness of our sovereign state, in the year of "Turkmenistan - Home of Neutrality".


Bezirgen Garayev, 
Assistant to the Chairman of the Central Commission
for Holding Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan.