This year the permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan marks the 25th anniversary. On December 12th of 1995 and June 3rd of 2015, a session of the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Resolution «on the permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan». This is a testament to the tremendous success of Turkmen diplomacy and the high appreciation and respect of the international community for the peaceful foreign policy of our state. As a permanent Neutral state, Turkmenistan with the years of practice has demonstrated its enormous potential to all humankind by proving the will to maintain peace, security, and the development of friendly cooperation between states and people.

Adoption of Constitutional Law of Turkmenistan «on permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan» on December 27, 1995, and adopted amendments in regards to rules of Articles 2 and 9 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan on September 14, 2016 forms the national legal basis for the permanent Neutrality of our state.

Under the leadership of our esteemed President, the policy of positive Neutrality of Turkmenistan is acquiring new foundations. It is more and more creatively progressing and improving, becoming a useful force in determining the main directions of the global development of the world community. Based on the initiatives of our Independent State and the co-operation of dozens of states, the General Assembly of the United Nations has adopted several Resolutions made in different years concerning peace, sustainable development, transport, energy, and environmental security. Permanent Neutrality itself is not limited only by legal status, but it is an effective way to achieve the goals of positive cooperation for the overall development of our sovereign state.

Our State uses permanent Neutrality to develop peaceful and friendly relations with all countries of the world, as well as to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation. This work is being carried out in cooperation with the United Nations. From the first day of its membership in this international organization, our state began to build its policy based on combining common human interests with the national interests of our people.

The permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan – is an important condition for ensuring the economic development and prosperity of our country, it is a reliable basis for the happiness of our people. Neutrality ensures unprecedented success for our country, the effective implementation of social and cultural objectives, the successful implementation of national, industrial, and regional development programs, as well as joint projects. Our permanent Neutral state based on peace, friendship, and cooperation, and fully meets the interests of the international community and its goals of security, stability, and prosperity.

The recognition of December 12 as the International Day of Neutrality every year confirms the support of an international community for the state policy of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen way of Neutrality.

The doctrine of permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan is rooted in the history of our people. As can be seen, the permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan is based on the morally sound foundation of the internal state structure, it becomes a continuation in terms of its meaning, and it spreads the best qualities of our people to the world.