Under the leadership of our esteemed President, organizing the spring planting season has become a unique tradition. With the advent of spring, every person living in our village is engaged in planting various garden seedlings. At a recent digital video conference with the participation of deputies in charge of the capital and the velayats, heads of some ministries, and governors of Ashgabat city and velayats, our esteemed President emphasized the need to focus on socio-economic reforms in the capital and the velayats of the country, seasonal agricultural work, preparations for national holidays and the 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence of our Homeland, as well as preparations for the 140th anniversary of the founding of Ashgabat city by implementing strict control over the construction facilities on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat city and on other issues related to housing, clean drinking water to improve the living standards of our dear people.

Our President Arkadag addressed relevant instructions on the organization of a gardening ceremony in and around the capital and the need for the coordinated functioning of public services and the explicit implementation of advanced digital technologies in the urban management system. It is planned to plant more fruit and other trees this year as particular attention is given to the planting of gardens in Turkmenistan which is considered to be the decoration of our nature. In addition to this, the work of servicing the artificial forests is being improved which formed in the vicinity of the newly constructed buildings around the capital of the country, the velayat, and etrap centers. Unique fauna and flora of the gardens have been formed in the forest zones. Today is the time to study them scientifically together with experts and scientists. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the widespread use of advanced technologies and best practices in the field of natural decoration by ensuring that these activities are carried out in full compliance with environmental policy.

Thoughtful work has been done in the irrigation of forest areas by the drip method. As the expression goes «see it for what it is», it is always nice to look at the forest zones that are now grown in areas allotted to various ministries and sector agencies of our country!

As noted by the poet:
Anyone who plants a tree – memorial,
Has a name in the world book.

We wish success to our compatriots who are ready to take care of the planted gardens and to organize the planting season.