Inherited from our forefathers, our National spring holiday's roots go back thousands of years in history — Novruz is not just a spring holiday but also the source of beauty and the unique treasure of national traditions and the reconciliation of beautiful life. Novruz is the source of abundance and prosperity for the land.

Novruz holiday has embodied its unique traditions over the centuries and has been further enriched with new significance under the leadership of our esteemed President and has been recognized internationally as an integral part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of mankind.

The inclusion of Novruz holiday in the UNESCO list of outstanding examples of the spiritual and cultural values of mankind in 2009 has led to the further enrichment of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world.

The initiative of many countries around the world to celebrate Novruz as an international holiday was supported by the United Nations General Assembly on 23 February 2010. Since then, March 21 is celebrated with great solemnity at the international level.

The wonderful spiritual light that pervades the human world with the beauty of spring describing the Novruz as the world in a new way through poetic way – Magtymguly Pyragy states the following: «When Novruz comes to the universe - the world will vivid its hue».

In the days when the land is wrapped with flowers and the hearts are excited, the National spring holiday - International Novruz day is celebrated in a new way in the era of prosperity of our sovereign state.

Cultural and artistic workers praise International Novruz Day for its beauties in nature and its great inspiration for our people.

Our people have a popular saying, «The arrival of year is known from Novruz». Novruz holiday is also widely celebrated in the «Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust» year and may it be one of the prosperous years.