In our country, World Health Day is widely celebrated annually in April. Held in the year “Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Peace and Trust”, a festive celebration dedicated to this glorious day, merging with numerous sports, fitness, cultural and artistic events, is gaining a wide scale.

As our esteemed President said, “Sport is a powerful force to consolidate our society.” Evidence of this is the enthusiastic participation of our happy compatriots in these events, which unfold from early morning.

With the great care of our national Leader, who equates human health with the wealth of the country, the work carried out in the field of health care is  aimed at ensuring the formation of healthy youth and a healthy lifestyle for citizens.

As a  result of the esteemed President’s concern for people, the sports system is constantly developing in our country, its material and technical base is being strengthened, and the principle of a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more widespread among our people.

All conditions have  been created in our country for the development of various sports, including equestrian sports. Thanks to the unprecedented efforts of the Head of state, domestic horse breeding has been raised to a new level, a lot of work is being done to modernize its material and technical base, intensify international cooperation in this area and popularize the Turkmen traditions of equestrian sports.

At the UN General Assembly, on the initiative of Turkmenistan, June 3 was declared World Cycling Day. This is proof that the initiatives of our Neutral state are recognized in the international arena.

As you know, on the initiative of the esteemed President, along with other sports in our country, the number of people who are fond of cycling is increasing day by day. Our Arkadag set an example for us and further strengthened the interest of the Turkmen people in this sport. In recent years, cycling has become an integral part of the life of the Turkmen people.

All conditions for sports have been created in our country. And this enables everyone to be physically healthy. Exercising regularly helps people make the most of their free time.

Exercise has a positive effect on a person's mind, thinking, attention and memory, and helps build an effective character. More precisely, physical education fosters perseverance, will and hard work in a person, forming positive social relations and civic engagement.

The Olympic village in Ashgabat, which houses about 40 different sports facilities with all amenities, has become its adornment and pride of its residents.

In our homeland, which has become a place of peace and friendship, under the wise leadership of the esteemed President, the ongoing work on the development of sports, regular promotion of mass physical education and a healthy lifestyle, the wide orientation of the younger generation to sports, to educate physically and spiritually mature generations in each of us causes pride.

We cordially congratulate the distinguished President and all our compatriots on the World Health Day. We wish our esteemed President, who considers the principles of sport and health to be an important direction of state policy, health, honor, longevity, high dignity and prosperity in matters for the good of the people and the country!