National day of Turkmen Horse is celebrated with great dignity on the last Sunday of April each year in Independent, permanent Neutral Turkmenistan. This holiday shall ring throughout the Earth in the declared year of – «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust». Because it is another feature of this year's widely celebrated holiday which is widely known around the world as Akhal-Teke horse for its beauty, character, and prudence, it is also the first time that it has been held in conjunction with the Turkmen Alabay holiday.

As is known, under the Resolution of our esteemed President of Turkmenistan dated February 25 this year, the Turkmen Alabay holiday was established to increase the world fame that is to develop and improve the national ethnography of Turkmen Alabay.

Thus, the Turkmen Alabai holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday of April each year in conjunction with the national Turkmen Horse Day.

Our Turkmen alabays have a worthy place among the esteem created by the Turkmen nation. Our Hero Arkadag notes in his book «Turkmen alabay» about dogs that amaze the world with their eye-catching looks, bravery, and loyalty as following: «Turkmen alabay embodies the noble principles of humanity and it is a symbol of the Turkmen's courage, loyalty, and politeness».

The international beauty contest of Akhal-Teke horses is held with dignity every year in our country. It has become a noble tradition to hold creative competitions among cultural and artistic figures to express the unique natural beauty of our heavenly horses in a highly artistic way. In this regard, the joint holding of an international competition to reveal the abilities and unique characteristics of the Turkmen alabay shows that the national values of our people have been created over the centuries and continue to the present day.

Akhalteke horses have become an integral part of the glorious history of the Turkmen nation for centuries. «In the morning round, see your father, afterward your horse», «Having a horse - like a having a wing», «If the horse has legs then no need for another review» are excellent sayings created by our nation.

The true saying of our forefathers «Being devoted to a father is a blessing to seven races» is becoming clearer today thanks to our Hero Arkadag.

Systematic work on the development of the equestrian industry, modernization of its structures, and increasing the number of pure-blooded Akhal-Teke horses is carried out regularly in the prosperous period of our Sovereign state under the wise leadership of our esteemed President.

All conditions and wide opportunities are being created by our state for the development of equestrian art and sports, this in itself is the pride of our people to elevate the excellent glory of our heavenly horses which have become a wonderful example of beauty. Extensive work is being carried out to spread the glory of Turkmen horses in our country to the world and to promote various types of equestrian sports and the national traditions of horse racing.

The worldwide popularity of the upcoming «Galkynysh» national equestrian team is growing day by day and winning the highest awards of prestigious international festivals and competitions which is created by the initiative of our esteemed President. As a result of mutual understanding between Turkmen jigs and beautifully trained horses, this team has captivated audiences from many countries and is considered to be one of the best equestrian-acrobatics teams in the world.

As our esteemed President emphasized: «To further enhance the glory of our heavenly horses which have been formed in the Turkmen land for centuries a large-scale program of activities currently being implemented in the country». Equestrian sports complexes with international standards were built and put into operation to host international competitions.

Equestrian games performed by Turkmen jigs being the decoration of our holidays leaves an indelible impression on our compatriots and foreign guests.

We sincerely congratulate President Arkadag and all our compatriots on the national holiday of Turkmen Horse and Turkmen Alabay. May our Independent, permanent Neutral Turkmenistan be glorious and prosper under the wise leadership of our esteemed President!