The celebrations of the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence and the 140th anniversary of the foundation of Ashgabat will coincide in the year 2021 under the slogan year «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust». Our coral city Ashgabat is becoming more and more beautiful. As our President noted: «Ashgabat is a city of beauty, music and love».

Ashgabat is a city of lovers. When we look at the past and going to any part of Ashgabat you can catch a glimpse of the buildings that are in love with existence and its beauties.

The ever-changing radiance of white marble on the development of the country's capital Ashgabat is based on the unprecedented efforts of our esteemed President.

Based on the unparalleled efforts of our Hero Arkadag, the architectural image of our white city is changing and becoming more beautiful. When you travel to Ashgabat, it amazes the world with its large-scale prosperous period of our sovereign state, and the pride of the great deeds of our esteemed Arkadag is growing constantly.

The buildings with alongside of wide avenues and streets of our beautiful Ashgabat also form a unique harmony. One of them is Magtymguly avenue. At first, Magtymguly avenue was callled Merv then Azatlyk avenue. After gaining our Independence, this avenue was renamed to Magtymguly, and in the autumn of 1992, the first march of our sacred Independence was held on this avenue.

The fact that the avenue is called Magtymguly shouldn’t be taken lightly. The 225th anniversary of Magtymguly Pyragy's birthday was widely celebrated in the All-Union in 1960. In honor of this remarkable date a contest was declared to create a statue of great speech master. Thus, a statue of Magtymguly Pyragy was erected in 1971 among the buildings along the avenue.

One of the most beautiful buildings along Magtymguly Avenue is the building «Ak shaherim Ashgabat». On the eve of Ashgabat Day on May 24, 2014, with the participation of our esteemed President, there was opening ceremony of reconstructed «Ashgabat» cultural recreation park.

When you visit Ashgabat, it amazes you with its modern development in the prosperous era of our sovereign state, which is the pride of great deeds accomplished under the wise leadership of our esteemed Arkadag. Exciting buildings, magnificent houses, educational and health facilities, beautiful roads, modern parking on the side of the roads, beautiful fountains with magnificent parks convey the high spirits of the present time.

Our National Leader got acquainted one the progress of construction of the beautiful hotel «Garagum» with the multidisciplinary business center which is scheduled to open on May 25. It is 9 floor hotel covering an area of ​​6.9 hectares with its unique modern structure and decorative features, it will soon become an integral part of Ashgabat's perfect architectural complex. Also, it is scheduled to open «Lachyn» park with the glorious 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence of our Motherland which will form a unique harmony in the area covering the 9.75 hectares. The park will serve as a convenient center not only for the residents of our city, but also for visitors of Ashgabat.

As our National Leader noted, the measures taken in this regard are aimed at creating a favorable ecological environment that has a positive impact on the health of our population. All such fruitful work is a clear symbol of the successful celebration of the principle « State for the People! »

Our white marble capital is amazed by its architectural features and harmonious development. It embodies the beautiful and comfortable living conditions among the cities of the world, Ashgabat city is strengthening its position with its unique architectural solutions and has been included in the Guinness book of records several times. This is a clear sign for a world model considering the work being done in the capital of our country.

The artistic-aesthetic white marble coated buildings form a unique beautiful harmony for positive solution of the general appearance of the city. Most of the buildings in the capital- from palace complexes to office and residential buildings, schools to kindergartens are covered with white marble, it is the creation of magnificent architecture with beautiful view of nature is the clear result of the deep wisdom of our dear Arkadag. When you look at the life of our beautiful capital which is the heart of our country, the economic and political development of our country, the level of culture and spiritual life of our society, enlightenment opportunities and the world-class lives of our people are becoming more apparent.

Celebrating the 140th anniversary of foundation of the beautiful Ashgabat has increased love to our beloved capital and created excitements to people’s hearts with great pride.

Our capital is being built under the unparalleled efforts of our esteemed President and has become a city of parks, tranquility and beauty. The perfect architectural image of our beautiful capital dedicates a creative impulse to everyone and increases the desire to make a worthy contribution to our city.

May the life of our esteemed President be prosperous and long-lived for turning our white marble Ashgabat into wonderful and beautiful city in the world!


Jahan Orazova,

Leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.