The 140th anniversary of the foundation of our beautiful coral capital city of Asia will be celebrated in the year of «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust». Our white Ashgabat city has been recognized by Guinness World Records in 2013 as having the world's highest density of buildings made from white marble.

Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, our Homeland has become a place of peace and friendship, broadly guiding the younger generation to engage in sports under regular promotions for mass physical education and healthy lifestyles, these activities raising physically and spiritually mature generations which make each of us very proud.

Sports system is one of the great works being carried out and it has an important role in our country under the leadership of our hero Arkadag, such construction and commissioning of world-class sports facilities in our beautiful capital is a matter of pride.

There is an Olympic city based in Ashgabat with all amenities - 40 different sports houses have become the decoration of Ashgabat and the pride of its inhabitants.

Our National Leader noted that sport is the source of strength, beauty, and well-being. Our dear Motherland has become a land of friendship, brotherhood, health, and spirituality with the unparalleled efforts of our dear Arkadag. Of course, these indicators demonstrate the active development of sportive activities in all parts of our country.

Turkmenistan – the country of sports. As is known, the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence and 140th anniversary of the foundation of Ashgabat city will be inscribed with the golden letters on the layers of history that will raise our country's sports prestige to new heights in the year of «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust». That is, an international competition will be held in our country once again to celebrate this great event all over the world. Our country has become the center of international sports competitions for various levels, it is planned –  Davis Cup event to take place at the Tennis Complex, Ashgabat Olympic Park on September 6-12, 2021 - Asia/Oceania Zone Group IV, as well as Track Cycling World Championships which is set to be held on October 3-17, 2021. This is the next world championship in cycling which will be the 118th world championship organized since the 19th century. The World Cycling Championship will be attended by representatives from 186 countries around the world and all relevant work is underway to organize this important sporting event.

There are many kinds of sports with ample opportunities to engage in our country such as world-class sportive complexes that have been built and put into operation under our esteemed President’s attention. The Ashgabat Sports Complex Velodrome also has all the facilities to host such a grand tournament.

As is known, there is several international competitions have already been organized in our capital which is very appropriate to mention.

As an example, the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which is also counted as the 5th Asian Indoor Games were held in Ashgabat for the first time – 45 from the Asian continent and 19 from Oceania countries, at the same time, a group of refugees was also involved in this competition as a result of the humanitarian policy pursued by our National Leader.

One of the events that will be written in golden letters in the history of sports of our country and the world in the prosperous period of our sovereign state was the international rally «Amul-Khazar 2018» a grandiose project initiated by our Head of the state which was held in the direction of the Great Silk Road from the territory of our dear Land. This rally has aroused great interest among sports experts around the world, especially fans of motorsports, the race was organized over a distance of 1571 kilometers and was attended by skilled athletes from dozens of states. The 2018 World Weightlifting Championships was another major event in our country in which Turkmenistan was able to organize such a large-scale international tournament. This tournament was attended by Olympic champions from nearly 100 countries around the world which took place in Ashgabat. It is worth noting that the setting of 72 new world records is a highly organized event and that all conditions have been created for the weightlifters to demonstrate their skills which they have not yet been able to demonstrate Yulduz Yumabayeva – a member of the national team of Turkmenistan won a gold medal at the World Championships, lifting a total of 179 kilograms, as well as breaking the world record. She entered the history of Turkmen sports as the first world champion in women's weightlifting.

She was awarded a gold medal at the World Cup with the participation of our hero Arkadag. She was also awarded the Medal of Turkmenistan «For the Love of Homeland» by the Decree of our esteemed President. This is clear proof of triumph for sports policy in our country.

Turkmenistan advocates sports for the sake of peace and development and sets an example to other countries. The intensification of the international sports cooperation of neutral Turkmenistan has a positive effect on the rapprochement of the countries through sports and the strengthening of good relations. All these initiatives make it clear that Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan is becoming a venue of peacefulness and sports. Turkmenistan has established itself in the world as one of with largest sports complexes in the region and has all the opportunities to host international competitions. This can also be seen in the example of the major international competitions which will be held during this year. We wish our esteemed President good health and a long and prosperous life for turning our Homeland into a place of health, a venue for major sports competitions! Happy holiday, dear people!


Maksat Saipov,

Chief specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.