It has become a noble tradition to celebrate Ashgabat city day and the «Farewell bell ceremony» on May 25 every year in our ever-growing dear land. Under the wise leadership of our Hero Arkadag, these festive events coincided with the glorious 30th anniversary of our independence and the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the capital Ashgabat, inspiring the courage of our brave people under the slogan «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust». The proclamation of May 25 as Ashgabat city day has become one of the most exciting and proud events not only for the residents of the capital but also for the whole country.

Ashgabat city day is celebrated with the joy of the «Farewell bell ceremony» of young people graduating from higher and secondary schools in the country. Farewell bell ceremony marks the day when high school graduates and passionate young people who say goodbye to bright classrooms begin to cultivate their living spaces. It is of great significance that this day is celebrated in conjunction with Ashgabat city day. Living, working, and studying in Ashgabat's higher and secondary schools are considered one of the most convenient in the world embracing future students for education, it has a large concentration of white marble buildings with a prominent place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The prosperous period of our sovereign state must be the basis for the further prosperity and development of our Independent, Neutral Homeland.

White marble Ashgabat has become the largest economic and industrial center of independent eternally neutral Turkmenistan, it is a wonderful city that not only embodies the wonders of the developed world, but also the national architectural art with the unique, classical cultural values of the Turkmen people. Every day of the year, in preparation for the glorious days and holidays, it is written with joyful events and successes in the pages of history with golden pills and makes our united people happy and proud.

One of the brightest days of this wonderful spring year is the birth of the first horse of the legendary Akhan, this legendary horse Akhan was bred by our National Leader, it has become one of the most important events in the life of our country. Its foal was named Ashgabat following the first letter of the name Akhan and in honor of the 140th anniversary of our white marble capital.

Our white city marvels at its beauty and wonders vividly describe the main destinations of past and glorious present of the formation of our state based on Excellent result of the creative talent and architectural skills of our esteemed Arkadag. As this historic date draws to a close, our white city is becoming more beautiful, growing, and changing. Festive decorations of the front of office buildings of Ashgabat are in conjunction with the various slogans set up along the avenues announcing the news of these glorious celebrations. The performances by the creative, cultural, and artistic figures add to the joy of the festivities.

The beautiful Ashgabat is famous for its universality and is widely praised in the poems of poets and songs of artists. New works, songs, and melodies are created in the excited hearts. The name of our coral capital sounds like an epic in tongues.