On the basis of the wise and humane initiatives of our national leader, who has made the brave people of Turkmenistan happy, in the prosperous period of our sovereign state, our dear Motherland, which is growing at the speed of horses, is changing beyond recognition, magnificent buildings are being built, turned into orchards, our country is prospering in all respects, and its glory is being revealed all over the world.

The great works of our President Arkadag are a source of great joy and pride for our united, patriotic and spiritually prosperous people living a  peaceful life.

The heart of our Motherland, which is integrated with the wise initiatives of our esteemed President, which is harmoniously developed by all structures, which has become the most beautiful and prosperous city in the world, our white city Ashgabat attracts the attention of many with its rapid development.

Ashgabat, the capital of our country is becoming more and more beautiful. It provides conveniences and favorable conditions for the urban population that meet the developed international standards. Today, the beautiful place has become a city of love, purity, perfection, prosperity, green gardens, beautiful flowers, friendship, brotherhood, unity, peace, white roads, dreams, good hopes.

White marble high-rise buildings, unique new constructions for various purposes, exciting parks, green zones, the cultural and social buildings, which are admired by their multifaceted conditions, are concrete results of the great development of our white marble capital, which is called the architectural pearl of the region. Huge urban development in all parts of the capital has radically changed the face of the country.

One of the key features of these reforms is the continuous development of horticultural art.

Our Leader: "Our capital should be exemplary in all respects. "Ashgabat is a city of fountains, cleanliness, music and love!" under this slogan, we must make the capital of our state one of the most beautiful cities in the world" by saying this, he is making a concerted effort to expand the scale of Ashgabat and make it a model city in the Earth.

Arkadag President's successful work in this area can be seen in the example of his projects for the gradual development of the capital.

It is no coincidence that Ashgabat is called a city of parks. In the prosperous period of our sovereign state, the transformation of our country into a garden and the creation of parks are becoming one of the important areas of state policy. Therefore, special attention is paid to the creation of a favorable ecological environment for the people of Ashgabat as a key condition for the development of the capital. Dozens of parks, thousands of tree saplings and beautiful flowers in the capital not only enhance the beauty of our white city, but also add a unique color to the happy life of our people.

Ashgabat, which has become the coral city of Asia, has now become one of the most densely populated cities in the Earth.

Green parks in Ashgabat the heart of our country deserves praise. "Arkadag", "Garaşsyzlyk", "Bagtyýarlyk", "Altyn Asyr", "Ylham", "Ashgabat" cultural recreation parks and many other parks of the capital are become the most popular places of the peope of Ashgabat and  residents and guests of the capital, and they are given a pleasant feeling.

Numerous green zones, parks, shady gardens, rainbow-colored flowers, fountains inspire our hearts, further enhancing the beauty of our white city.

Thus, the development of horticulture in Turkmenistan is being strongly promoted in our country, and it is gaining momentum. Everywhere, in big and small cities, huge green zones are formed, which are perfect for organizing national holidays, as well as for architectural purposes, so that people can have fun and relax. Parks, gardens, green belts and forest zones with a huge area have become the decoration of the turkmen land.

Today, hardworking gardeners also make beautiful contributions to the development of beautiful gardens, planting fragrant flowers and making the capital of our country a model. The parks of our white marble capital are adorned with beautifully landscaped gardens and leafy flowers. Our pearl capital Ashgabat is nourished not only in the spring, but also in the colorful flowers and green bushes that grow throughout the year.

The green belts, which are densely connected are a very important and important part of the urban system. When you look at the young forest zones, you not only enjoy the beauty, but also that they become a place where many representatives of the animal kingdom live, you realize that it prevents soil degradation and creates favorable weather conditions.

Currently special attention is paid to the beautification and decoration of parks in the capital. Various competitions are held for their decoration. This helps to make the parks of the main city of our country, and the whole capital, more beautiful.

Today the dreams of our ancestors, which have been absorbed in fairy tales and passed on to generations are truly coming true under the leadership of our esteemed President.

Children's laughter with their parents in the beautiful parks of Ashgabat, happy conversations with happy smiling lovers and others, symphonic songs of all kinds of birds, nightingales, works of poets, music compositions and musicians is the anthem on the year of "Turkmenistan – Motherland of peace and trust", and it excites your heart like spring.

May the high-minded work carried out by the Head of state be nourished by prosperity! May the high head of our Hero Arkadag who revives the destiny of the people with the creative continuation of the achievements of Independence, be safe and prosperous, the clear paths have initiated extend from century to century! May such wonderful lines that come out of our hearts be a glimpse of our great Arkadag happy era.


Maksatmyrat GELDIYEV, 
main specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums inTurkmenistan.