Special respect for our wonderful carpet art along with all our national values makes proud every Turkmen citizen under the wise leadership of our esteemed President in the sound age of our brave ancestors – in the prosperous period of our sovereign state. The Turkmen Carpet Holiday is held in our dear Homeland on the last weekend of May each year with great joy and pride.

As emphasized by our esteemed President in his «Living Legend» book: «The nature of a man is such arranged that is necessary for his look to linger on something beautiful, as only beautiful justifies our life. That is why let the spring be transient vision, but every woman can grow flowers in her garden, her flowerbed in the flew of her carpet to gladden her nearest and dearest with bright colors of her beautiful talented soul». Our beautiful carpets with rainbow colors are an example of elegance adorning our magnificent buildings and festive forms.

It is a matter of pride that the Turkmen carpet woven by Turkmen brides is recognized as the largest carpet in the world and included in the Guinness Book of Records. The beautiful gols of our country are a symbol of unity, prosperity, and peaceful life adorning our national flag. The placement of five main carpet gols in the state emblem of Turkmenistan is also a symbol of the unity of our people and great respect for the national heritage.

The art of Turkmen carpet weaving dates back to ancient times. As the saying goes, «Handicrafts – makes popularity», Turkmen carpet is our national heritage that has been passed down for centuries and has not lost its value. This unique art reflects the broad understanding, talent and ability, hard work, and natural literacy of our forefathers of the past, and it symbolizes this fine art as a valuable profession that is passed down to generations. Our bridesmaids instill their dreams, love, and hopes in every embellished pattern.

Carpets created by the artistic hands of the Turkmen women, the miracle of their fingers are distinguished by their beauty and high quality on earth since the time of the Oguz Khan Turkmen.

The Turkmen carpet is a model of beauty with the rich nature of colors and a unique expression of the purity of the soul of our people. The world is in love with this appealing beauty. Features of Turkmen carpet weaving that is - density of the edges, stability of the colors, its flatness, and the uniqueness of gols attracts the attention of world travelers, scientists, art critics. The sound of the weaving of our skilled bridesmaids like a song and symphony who have brought the carpet weaving profession to the next level of art. This sound has a unique effect on their hearts inspiring the weaving of new types of fine carpets towards creative success. The beauty of this beautiful art arises from the delicate feelings of our women that are reflected in the folklore and literature of every age.

About this our Hero Arkadag wisely notes.: «Our artistic women who create beautiful models were not far from creativity even when they were tired of work. Folk art from their talents is a thousand-tone song of the spiritual treasure». Our bridesmaids have mastered the carpet weaving from our parents and continue it diligently with great respect for the art of carpet weaving as it shines to the sea of love today.

The inclusion of the Turkmen national carpet art in the list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity also doubled the pride of our people in our national values.

New carpet enterprises are being launched in our country as a result of the unprecedented efforts of our esteemed President. Honorary titles and gifts are given to our skilled carpet weavers. As the saying goes «Woven home – provisioned home» the carpet weaving house was considered to be a prosperous house that shed the light on the Truth.

As the famous song «Carpet bride» puts it:

«Bride! Pull your comb, let it sound loud, 
Let your voice be heard in every house, bride».

Happy holiday, carpet weavers who create the beauty of art!