President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov:

—  It is one of the ancient traditions of the Turkmens to treat their children with special love and care and to dedicate their best to them. Today we can safely say that our Homeland is a country of fortunate childhood where all the dreams and aspirations of young people come true.

International Day for Protection of Children is celebrated on June 1 each year with joy and enthusiasm in our Homeland, it has become a country where the laughter of happy children is heard loudly. This date symbolizes the continuity and spiritual harmony of generations. Our National Leader shows family values with personal example and the inviolability of its pillars, a pattern of deep concern and attention for children. Because our future is our children.

Comprehensive harmonious development of children, ample opportunities, and all conditions are created for their education and upbringing on the initiative of our Hero Arkadag. Modern kindergartens, secondary schools, children's recreation, and health centers were built and put into operation. Immense work is also being done to protect and restore children's health. Construction and use of rehabilitation educational complexes with all conditions are created for them to find their place in society, to receive a modern education, to follow healthy habits, and live a happy life.

Our Homeland has become a country where all dreams come true – a place of fortunate childhood.

New modern buildings, orphanages, and boarding schools are being built in our country under the wise leadership of our esteemed President. One of them is the State Palace – an educational institution that raises and cares for children. Recently our esteemed President talked to children, alumni who are being educated there, he was interested in their well-being and their studies. This means that every child is been cared for and loved by our state. The establishment of a charitable foundation named after Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the support of children in need is the initiative of our esteemed President.

The principles of child protection are legally enshrined in our Basic Law, it is fully reflected in the international conventions of Turkmenistan, as well as in national programs. As we know, «National Action Plan for the Implementation of the Rights of the Child in Turkmenistan for 2018-2022» and «National Strategy for Early Childhood Development in Turkmenistan for 2020-2025» are being successfully implemented. Also, «Program for Improving the Early Childhood Development and Pre-School Preparation in Turkmenistan for 2020-2025» was approved. This is the result of humanitarian efforts to create the conditions for every child to live happily and to ensure that they grow up healthy, modern-minded, and broad-minded.

May the happy laughter of fortunate children be heard loudly thanks to our Arkadag President!