World Cycling Day is widely celebrated in our country in the beautiful summer season, June 3, as a sports festival celebrating the principles of peace and friendship. As it known, on the initiative of our country, June 3 is declared World Cycling Day by the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, with the co-operation of 56 countries of the world. Of course, bicycles have been widely used around the world for hundreds of years now. More than 1 billion bicycles are currently used worldwide. Therefore, bicycles are considered to be the most common means of transportation and the world produces about 150 million bicycles annually. This figure is twice more than the world’s automobile industry.

As the President noted: "World Bicycle Day is an international holiday that further enhances the importance of the teachings of peace and friendship, health and inspiration. This holiday offers a great opportunity to establish and develop an effective and creative cooperation in the development of sports, which is the ambassador of peace."

The 4th World Bicycle Day is widely celebrated, which is an example of the development of healthy lifestyles in our country, the mass character of physical education, the development of high-performance sports and the Olympic movement.

As a symbol of recognition of the President's work in the development and promotion of cycling in Turkmenistan, the President was honored with the highest award of the organization at the meeting of the board of directors of the International cycling union.

In fact, cycling has become an integral part of Turkmen life in recent years.

In order to perpetuate the World Bicycle Day in our country, our President Arkadag the opening of the Bicycle Building, which adorns the magnificent architectural image of the capital, has further enhanced the great love and respect for the holy Motherland, the Leader of the nation in the hearts of our citizens. So, when you look at the Bicycle building, which has created a unique and harmony with the natural beauty at the foot of the Kopetdag, you can see that it is very thoughtfully designed. This building embodies the national values ​​of our people as a whole and reflects the ancient traditions, customs and national pride of the turkmen people.

Along with other sports in our country, the number of cyclists is increasing day by day on the initiative of our esteemed President. As it is known, the mass cycling training course held at the "Ashgabat" multipurpose stadium with the participation of 3246 people, as well as it would be appropriate to note with pride that the 3300-meter-long single-track bike ride in the Olympic city of Ashgabat has also been included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Cycling is popular in our country, and one of the most environmentally friendly and fun sports, it is combined with effective recreation. There is no doubt that cycling strengthens a person's health and increases his activity.

In this regard, our Hero Arkadag himself set an example and further enhances the enthusiasm of the happy Turkmen people for this sport.

In fact, the first society of cyclists in the capital was established in 1894. A year later, the first cyclists race was held. Under the leadership of our esteemed President, the National technical center for cycling was established in the country in the fall of 2015.

With the efforts of President Arkadag the mass physical education and sports activities in our country have made great progress, achievements in sports raise the international prestige of our developing country, which is on par with the rest of the world.

May the life of our Hero Arkadag, who is making great efforts for the widespread adoption of mass sports in the society and the spread of healthy lifestyles always prosper, and long-lived !