Today our people live a happy life in our Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan on the basis of the wise domestic and foreign policy pursued by our national Leader.

The heart of every turkmen living in our Motherland is full of thanks and gratitude to our President Arkadag. Having chosen the democratic path of development recognized by the international organizations and the states of the world, the courageous people of our state of Turkmenistan enjoy a prosperous life and work honestly in unity and tranquility. 

In the first days of our President's presidency, at a time when new, unprecedented great pages have been opened in the history of the turkmen destiny, he argued that everyone should take a creative approach to their work, that only by doing so could a wonderful life, a stable state, a happy society be built. 

"The state is for the people!" based on the President’s principle the living standards of our people are rising, our dear country is prospering and becoming an economically powerful state. 

Our Hero Arkadag has enriched our ancient folk democracy inherited from our ancestors with its modern examples. It has made Turkmenistan a place of true freedom and happiness. 

The exemplary path of our esteemed President to the development of the country is moving the hearts of our people, doubling the love of the Motherland. Therefore, today our nation is more united around our national Leader. This is due to the fact that in the elections held on February 11, 2007 with the participation of a total of 6 candidates, the President received 89.23 per cent of the vote in the country; 

In the February 12, 2012 election with a total of 8 candidates, 97.14 per cent of voters across the country voted; 

In the February 12, 2017 election, which was attended by a total of 9 candidates, 97.69 per cent of the electorate across the country was elected to the presidency of Turkmenistan by the people. 

Our compatriots firmly adhere to the ancient democratic principles and traditions of the turkmen people and reaffirming that they are consciously striving to be a direct participant in large-scale reforms that are widespread across the country, the electorate has confidently proved that the people are united with the Leader of the nation, and that they undoubtedly support the policy of the state in the interests of every citizen. 

On the basis of the initiatives of our esteemed President, fundamental reforms are being carried out in our country aimed at strengthening the democratic foundations of the state, strengthening the principles of real people's rule, and ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens. In recent years improvement of national legal norms in our country, on the basis of which systematic work is being carried out to further democratize our society. 

Today the entire turkmen people, under the wise leadership of our Hero Arkadag are celebrating their wonderful era with success. Our happy people are creating and building their contribution to the development of our country in our peaceful Land. 

Our national economy is getting stronger by moving to market relations and innovative industrial technologies, education and science are reaching the world level, and culture and art are gaining new heights, the prestige, place and influence of our country in the world is increasing. In the interest of strengthening the economic potential of our national leader, improving the living standards and quality of life of present and future generations the lofty spirit and creative power of its directed policy finds its place in the hearts of every citizen. 

Nowadays we bow to the services rendered by our esteemed President to the nation. All our achievements, victories in politics, economics, cultural and humanitarian spheres, science, education and medicine in our country are inextricably linked to the name of our Hero Arkadag. 

Today our national leader, who has gifted his people with an era of unending happiness, is known as one of the most perfect and wise politicians in the world. 

The turkmen people trust and support the wise, just and generous President of their secular, legal state. The President said: " First and foremost, all my concern will be my people", and relies on its own people. Drawing strength from these inspiring words of our Arkadag President, with the just and fair white path chosen by the Head of State, setting an example for our citizens in every case our fatherland is moving forward with a happy future. 

May the soul of our esteemed President, who is confidently leading our people to a bright future of development, directs all his efforts to live a prosperous, happy life for his beloved people, be safe and prosperous, and may the interests of the state and the country be nurtured for further prosperity!