The ancient and eternal turkmen people whose fame is world-famous guided by noble principles such as kindness, humanity, and generosity, careful preservation of the unique spiritual and moral values ​​of our brave ancestors from the depths of the centuries, sustainable development of our national traditions, raising the living standards of our citizens to a higher level is the main direction of the state policy of our dear Arkadag. 

Gurban bayram which has a new meaning in the prosperous period of our Sovereign state inspires our people to new achievements and great developments. In all corners of our dear Land Gurban bayram widely celebrated at the state level and in the spirit, puting the swing in accordance with our wonderful national principles, organized musical-conversational performances of cultural and artistic figures. In happy families wearing new clothes, the blessed tables are laid widely, the sacrifice charities are given for the sake of the well-being of the people and country, for good health and for sustenance of the state, and made good prayers. As the saying goes among the people "First taste, then word",  after taste praying for the prosperity of life, for the prosperity of the Motherland, for the people to live in peace, for the rule of unity, congratulations to our Arkadag President are specific principles of Gurban bayram. 

After years, dating back to millennium our national Gurban bayram which ensures interconnection between periods, generations, and cultures is one of the oldest holidays that embodies high moral principles and humanity. Today in our happy times it makes great sense to celebrate Gurban bayram with joy like other holidays. This is a symbol of the unwavering commitment of our people to the national traditions, humanity and benevolence inherited from our glorious ancestors in a new historical period. 

Gurban bayram  is a holy holiday for all muslim peoples. Our ancestors attached great importance to this holiday and celebrated it widely. One of the major holidays of the muslim world - Gurban bayram according to the hijri-lunar calendar starts on the 71st day after the fast of worship is over. This specially consumable holy holiday is continues worthy since ancient times in the turkmen land, the great traditions of our ancestors with the inclusion of significant dates in our national calendar. 

The feast of sacrifice is literally, purifies the human soul, makes people kind to one another, and calls for unity. This holiday brings people closer together, makes them friends, unites them. 

In the words of our esteemed President it makes a lot of sense: "Gurban bayram is a sacred holiday that celebrates healthy and pure spirit of mankind, the moral beauties, the principles of humanity and distributes joy to the hearts. Happy Gurban bayram it symbolizes that our happy people live a prosperous and happy life today, and that Turkmenistan is moving forward with a creative and progressive future and sheds new light on our social life." 

Gurban bayram is one of the most sacred holidays of our ancestors, in it concentrates great qualities such as respect for man, kindness to others, support for the weak, asking for their well-being, patronizing them, when the time comes show the ability of goodness, and benevolence. During the Gurban bayram hearts are purified and our national traditions have a deep meaning. 

"A friendly persons have one food", "If there is unity in the family, it is not necessity for treasure", "Be open - the way is open" the words of our forefathers are still popular today. A man with a pure heart is loved and respected by all, wherever he goes, his dignity and respect are exalted. Gurban bayram urges humanity, unity, kindness, compassion to the servants of God whose heart is enlightened by divine love. 

The crown of our heads, in the days when we are preparing for the glorious 30th anniversary of our independence with great enthusiasm, in the year "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust" our united people will feed Gurban bayram on the joy of the holiday. In conversations at the blessed tables, in dreams and prayers, in recited verses thanked our esteemed President for nurturing our country in unity and solidarity. 

We congratulate our esteemed President and all our people with Gurban bayram. 

Let, in blessed days of Gurban bayram the unity, the prosperity of our people, the stability of our dear Land, prayers for the prosperity of all attitudes of our Hero Arkadag, may the good hopes be accepted in the presence of the mighty God ! Dear compatriots, may coming in twelve months holy Gurban bayram and your sacrifices be accepted ! 

Ogulnyyaz Mammetnurova,
Leading specialist of apparatus of the Commission for holding
Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.