President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov:

"Independence is the unbreakable foundation of our stable state,
the unshakable foundation of our happy life!".


In this sacred land inherited from our glorious ancestors who have historically become examples of patriotism, heroism, and humanity descendants of the ancient Oguz Han these days goes to his main holiday - the holiday of Independence with great pride and enthusiasm. 

Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President great reforms that have been successfully implemented in our country during the years of independence propagates to the world the principle of peace-loving that our people have perfected over the centuries. Our strong Turkmenistan is strengthening its position among the developed countries of the world. Thus, in the prosperous period of our Sovereign state, in the year of "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust" and in the year of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence our dear Motherland based on the wise initiatives of our Hero Arkadag recognized as contributing to global well-being, and fast-growing country. Because sacred Independence is a lofty recognition of our state stability, being a solid foundation of statehood, nationalism, it is a time of happiness that our ancestors dreamed of for hundreds of years of freedom and independence and is a delicious fruit of the creative ability of the unity of our turkmen people. 

Independence is the national pride of our people. The inviolability of our sovereign state, the unity of our nation, the solid foundation of the unity and well-being of our society. 

During the period of independence, our dear Motherland with its orchards and pearl city has become a country where dreams come true. Independence is the realization of our ancestors' heartfelt dreams of being an independent, stable state for centuries, allowed us to restore our perfect national and spiritual values, as well as our cherished humanitarian traditions. Today Turkmenistan has its own economic and spiritual impact on the development of the world, spreading a high standard of well-being to the world. 

Historical events coinciding with the celebration of the glorious 30th anniversary of our holy Independence is a clear proof of the happiness of the turkmen people and the development of our stable state. Following the main slogan of our National Leader: "The state is for the people!", the main feature of all the reforms taking place in our country, the innovative nature is aimed at ensuring a prosperous and happy life for our people. 

The crown of the heart of every turkmen, the pride of his heart, the meaning of his life, our glorious Independent Land, which shines on the world, now has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world politically, economically and culturally. The cultural and living standards of the people are rising in every part of the country. In the full sense of the word, the great deeds done in the prosperous period of our Sovereign state is a clear proof of the inviolability of the country's economic potential, the strength of the state structure, and the happy future of our people. 

During the years of independence great deeds have been accomplished in our dear Land for centuries. Our country has made great strides in the political, economic, cultural spheres and in the fields of science, education, sports and healthcare. A number of socio-cultural buildings are being opened and commissioned in all parts of the country, it ensures that the people live a prosperous and happy life. 

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence of Turkmenistan has great potential for economic and humanitarian development, actively involved in regional and global affairs, welcomes as a sustainable developing country. 

The fundamental reforms being carried out under the wise leadership of our national Leader and as a result of great attitudes the turkmen people live, create, and work hard to live a peaceful and prosperous life. 

May the life of our esteemed President who leads our country from prosper to prosper, promoting great initiatives for the celebration of peace, unity, and solidarity on earth be long, and may the great deeds of the state always prosper! 


Ayna Saryeva, 
archivist  of apparatus of the Commission for holding
Elections and referendums inTurkmenistan.