Our people, who proudly walk the path of courage of our ancestors, who are considered the crown of their Motherland is celebrating the 30th anniversary of our Independent country. The Independence of our state is the tree of happiness of the turkmen people. The roots of this tree extend to our glorious past, and its fruits are our present happiness and our great future developments, our happy life. 

Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President great progress is being made in our peaceful Land, which has a prestigious position among the nations of the world. It has become a noble tradition to call every year a new slogan in our Motherland, and this year it has been declared "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust". In this historic year, Turkmenistan will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its sacred Independence at the state level and with grand celebrations.

Turkmenistan - the Motherland of the World turkmens is dressed in a festive holiday dress in the golden autumn, as a preacher of peace, will once again reveal to the universe that he is committed to the path of benevolent Neutrality.

The sacred Independence of our country is the inalienable foundation of the era of happiness of our Sovereign state, the unity of our people, and the happy life. In our Independent Turkmenistan, rapid progress has been made to the heights of economic development, great achievements are being made in all spheres of public life. The economic strength and socio-political stability of our state create favorable conditions for close cooperation with the countries of the world. During the years of Independence, our ancestors in a short period of time for the history of our Motherland if you look at their achievements in economics, politics, culture and other areas, you can see the deeds of the centuries which are carried out for the benefit of the nation and the world. 

Implementation of legal reforms in our sovereign Motherland, introduction of amendments and additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan legally strengthen the reforms taking place in all spheres of life of the society and the state, to strengthen the democratic development of our country aimed at ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens, improving the legislation on labor and social security, and improving the well-being of the people. 

The transition of our national parliament to a two-chamber system on the basis of the visionary initiatives of our Hero Arkadag is aimed at strengthening the democratic foundations of our state, it was a major historical event aimed at consolidating the principles of real people's power and ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens. Thus, the roots of our Independence tree are getting stronger and its branches are shading brotherhood-friendship, stability.

In short, sacred Independence is the pride of the turkmen, the golden crown of the head. The pride of Independence that has taken root in the minds of our people is ancient and eternal. 

The humane domestic and foreign policy of our esteemed President, who faithfully leads the beloved people of our independent, permanently Neutral Motherland on the path of development and prosperity, we wish the great achievements of peace and friendship in the world to prosper and the prestige of our stable Motherland in the world will continue to grow. 

We cordially congratulate our National Leader and our dear people on the glorious 30th anniversary of our forthcoming sacred Independence. 


the secretary of apparatus of the Commission for holding
Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.