Independence is the Sun in the destiny of the turkmen people. In the epoch of Independence, in the prosperous period of our Sovereign state, in the year of "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust" in all parts of our country are preparing for the glorious 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence. 

Independence has raised the prestige, glory, dignity, and spiritual world of our state, our people. Independence is the inexhaustible pride of hearts, the golden crown of our heads, its glory is inexhaustible like the ocean, the praises of freedom resonate like hymn, turning into song, music, art, perpetuating into the deep of hearts, reviving inspiration, it attaches to our twelve bones and acquires immortality, affection and eternity. 

At the end of the last century, more precisely, with the attainment of the Independence of our country in 1991, the era of patriotism returned to our Motherland, our beloved people. The predictable, deep prudent domestic and foreign policy of our Arkadag has brought the prestige of our Independent, permanently Neutral country and the turkmen people to the world level, and made the world famous.

After our State gained its sovereignty, aimed at improving the living standards of our dear people, programs that are comprehensively thought-out and technologically sound are successfully implemented. A national model of our competitive, market-oriented economy has been created. These worthy works continued today as the main means of achieving noble goals and ensuring sustainable development. The main task of the social reforms implemented by our National Leader, the humanitarian initiatives put forward from increasing the economic potential of our state, from developing our country through comprehensive development and from the implementation of innovative projects into life, improve the living conditions of our people.       

Today, our Independent, permanently Neutral Motherland has become a strong industrial country that is moving forward with a rapid speed of development, peace, friendship, brotherhood, holidays, new cities, and a bright path of construction and creation.    

All the achievements have been made by our brave people who have risen from Independence gathered around our esteemed President, inspires the successful implementation of their responsibilities. 

Our esteemed President highly respects the values ​​of independence, peace, tranquility and unity implements great deeds for the common good. The 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of our country is generously dedicated to the hundreds of proud events, great deeds and achievements. To protect and strengthen our sacred Independence, to strengthen international cooperation, national unity, to further improve the living standards of our people, accepted for nation’s benefit aimed at the rapid development of the economy, political, economic and legal reforms were successfully implemented in a short period of time. 

In our country, the recognition of human rights, freedoms, the rule of law and the universally recognized norms of international law are recognized, in accordance with the requirements of the time, modern legal reforms are being successfully implemented. On the basis of successful legislative reforms a developed political system that meets the requirements of the times of Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan, its prestige as a sovereign state is growing, protection of human rights and freedoms, which are the highest values ​​of society and the state is increasingly being ensured.

The crown of the heart of every turkmen, our Motherland, which is the meaning of his life - Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan today become one of the fastest growing countries in the world politically, economically and culturally under the wise leadership of our President Arkadag. Our people have demonstrated to the world the national experience of state building, setting an excellent example of unity and solidarity. "Let the World and you be, my Turkmenistan!" saying to our Independent, permanently Neutral Motherland that we all cherish, unites the aspirations for the further development of our country. Today - looking at the progress made during the years of independence, each of us in the face of growing generations as citizens of a sovereign state we must feel responsible for ensuring the socio-economic, ecological well-being, the continuation of national culture of our dear Motherland, and the younger generation is obliged to preserve and further enrich that heritage. 

May the life of our esteemed President, who has made our strong country one of the most economically developed countries in the world and made it a country of great development, always prosper be long, and attitudes will always prosper!

We heartily congratulate our Hero Arkadag and our dear people on the upcoming 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence.


leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.