The great dream of our brave fathers about freedom, the creation of an independent state, came true at the end of the last century, and this joyful event, which gave the Turkmen a bird of happiness, was written in golden letters in the history of our sacred Motherland. 30 years ago, the Turkmen people received state independence on the basis of their inalienable right to self-determination.

On the basis of the undertakings of the esteemed President for the good of the people and the country in the Epoch of power and happiness, the peaceful and humane state policy of our country, based on the principle “The state for the person!”, Is flourishing.

Independence has become a national pride and a high spiritual value of the people of Turkmenistan. Today, in our happy time, we are preparing to solemnly celebrate an important date on our dear Motherland - the Independence Day of Turkmenistan. Ardently proud of their Independence, the people of Turkmenistan, moving forward along the bright path, will enthusiastically celebrate this glorious date - the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, with new labor achievements and victories.

The value of Independence is in the humanitarian principles of our ancestors, such as love for the Motherland and peaceful life, justice and kindness. Independence has created great conditions for the Turkmen people to be able to live freely, find their native land, material and spiritual values, use existing opportunities, national and human benefits and act as an independent state in the international arena.

The great achievements of our country over the years of Independence are inextricably  linked with the glorious initiatives of our esteemed President and his deeds for the good of the people and the country. Thanks to the unprecedented efforts of our esteemed Arkadag, Independence has become our national pride, and the old dreams of our ancestors have become a wonderful reality. The bright future of the Neutral Homeland always contributes to the strengthening of the unity and solidarity of society.

Turkmenistan, which has reached new heights of prosperity and well-being on the path of development of Independence, has been carrying out work equivalent to centuries during its 30 years. And the unceasing care of our national Leader for people gives spiritual strength to our creating and building citizens. Therefore, the people of Turkmenistan, paying special respect to the Independence Day, celebrate it as a wonderful holiday that includes Independence and a happy life. The Turkmen people, firmly rallying around their President Arkadag, confidently entered the ranks of the most powerful, prosperous and peace-loving countries in the world.

The state stimulates new effective types of social activity, economic initiatives and proposals. In addition, with full participation in the life of the state and society, the labor of the people, their intellectual and creative potential, develops political democracy and a complete democracy is formed. In the era of power and happiness in our country, in accordance with generally accepted international legal norms, universal values and national traditions, democracy continues.

With the direct support of our esteemed President Arkadag, the electoral system is also being consistently improved, in our country, in accordance with the law, on democratic principles and in an organized way, elections are held.

As a result of the state policy pursued by the esteemed President, enormous work is being carried out to further improve the standard of living of our people, increase the level of economic growth of our country. This era, when our people live a blissful life and our state of Turkmenistan has achieved great achievements, is the Epoch of power and happiness. And at the origins of our great achievements at this wonderful time is our esteemed Arkadag, which leads our country to great frontiers, and promotes international initiatives at the regional and global level.

The main goal of our esteemed President Arkadag is to provide our people with a calm and happy life, turning our Motherland into a happy homeland where the happiest people in the world live.

We wish the esteemed President, who is rapidly leading our Motherland from success to success, health, longevity, success and prosperity in matters for the benefit of the people and the country!


Ogulmaral REJEPOVA,
leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.