Sacred Independence is our crown, a beacon that gives divine power to our hearts, the meaning of our lives, love, happiness, the greatest spiritual wealth that inspires our hearts, an amazing miracle from the Almighty who supported our ancestors who lived on this earth. Breathing in the pacifying air of a free country is in itself an invaluable medicine, pacification and amulet of fate for a person with a national spirit.

The glorious holiday of the 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence of our Independent, permanently Neutral Motherland, celebrated with great pride, is approaching, which is of great importance in the fate of our people. In the fall of 1991, the old dream of our brave people brought up with glorious historical heroism to find their own independent state came true, and a democratic Turkmen state was formed in the bosom of this ancient land.

Independence is a national pride that has been preserved in the hearts of our people for centuries and is a solid foundation for the happiness and invincibility of our state, the unity and spirituality of our people.

The acquisition of independence by our dear Motherland had a positive effect not only on the happy citizens of Turkmenistan, but also on our compatriots living in many countries of the world. Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan has become the sacred homeland of all Turkmen around the world.

Independence gave ample opportunities for the realization of the dream of our ancestors about an independent state, the restoration of our centuries-old national and spiritual values, as well as our humanitarian traditions and more closely get acquainted with world culture, for the development of science and education, taking into account modern achievements, the formation of a spiritually hardened and healthy generation.

During the years of Independence, our Motherland has been moving forward in a humane way, providing historical development in the spheres of economy, culture, education, science, health care and sports. During this short historical period, centuries-old work has been done, which has yielded positive results. Enormous successes have been achieved in all spheres of public life.

Today Turkmenistan has turned into a developed and powerful country capable of ensuring its political and economic independence.

Independence gives the nation ample opportunities to live freely, to be the master of beautiful nature and natural resources, the sacred land of our ancestors, a unique spiritual world, national values, to use its material and spiritual forces, primarily in its own interests, to make friends and neighbors of its own accord, to join into international relations as a separate state.

Thanks to the efforts of our Arkadag, our Motherland Turkmenistan is known throughout the world not only as a politically, economically, culturally and socially developed state, but also as the homeland of peace, tranquility, friendship and brotherhood.

Today, our Motherland Turkmenistan has a reputation as a center of reconciliation in the region, offering to resolve existing interstate issues in a peaceful, political and diplomatic way. Our peaceful life, rapid development, friendly, kind and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries of the world testify that the Turkmen people have found their way in the formation of their new history and national state.

As our esteemed President noted: “It is a happiness to be proud of independence, love your Motherland and people”

We wish our esteemed President, who made our sacred Motherland, which every Turkmen citizen loves more than life, health, long life, further success in great deeds for the benefit of the people and the country!


Maksatmyrat GELDIYEV, 
main specialist of Organizational management of apparatus 
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums inTurkmenistan.