Independence Day is one of the most important holidays in our country. Our state, laid on the inviolable foundation of the principles of peace, friendship and brotherhood of our people, has been confidently moving to new heights for 30 years now, achieving great success along the path of sovereignty and freedom. The development of our sovereign Motherland clearly shows the solidarity of our people, tranquility, stability and unity of our society.

Independence is the pride of our people. This is a reliable basis for the invincibility of our sovereign state and the well-being of our people. Independence is a melody of freedom and peace that echoes the past and future of the nation and inspires hearts. The independence of Turkmenistan is the rise of Turkmen happiness to new heights, a new celebration at the international level of the national path of the Turkmen spirit and dignity. Because in the era of Independence, dreams and aspirations that have lived in the hearts of our brave ancestors for centuries have come true. The light of Independence illuminated the bright path leading to the happy future of the people with an inextinguishable glimpse. During the years of Independence - in the Era of power and happiness, our esteemed Arkadag spread the glory of the courageous Turkmen people in a new way throughout the world, forcing them to recognize the dignity of the nation as a peaceful and humane people.

During the years of Independence, our Motherland has achieved great success in political, economic and cultural areas. This year, called “Turkmenistan - Home of Peace and Trust”, was also rich in glorious events. Historical events testifying to the steady growth of the international prestige of our Independent State as a country of peace and friendship, spirituality, sports and health inspire our people to great success. The implemented programs of our national Leader to strengthen democratic development in our stable country, improve the rights of citizens, labor and social legislation, increase the well-being of the people is evidence of his unshakable love for our Motherland and people.

In accordance with the instruction given by the turkmen Leader at a working meeting with the leaders of the country's culture and media on the eve of the New Year, comprehensive preparatory work has begun for the broad celebration of the glorious 30th anniversary of sacred Independence. This glorious date of our Sacred Independence determines the sovereignty, stability of the Turkmen state, continuity, freedom and dignity of the nation.

As our esteemed President noted, “It is a happiness to be proud of independence, love your Motherland and people” For, Independence gives the nation ample opportunities to live freely, to be the master of beautiful nature and natural resources, the sacred land of our ancestors, a unique spiritual world, national values, to use their material and spiritual forces, primarily in their own interests, to make friends and neighbors of their own free will ,  join international  relations as a separate state.

As you know, from the first years of Independence, our country has chosen, based on the impeccable principles of our ancestors, glorifying peace and friendship, the path of positive neutrality. Turkmenistan in the world community as an independent, sovereign, secular and having a generally recognized international legal status of permanent neutrality, the state has taken its rightful place in the United Nations.

Our esteemed President said about our Neutrality: “Our international initiatives of Turkmenistan were consistently supported by the United Nations and other authoritative international organisations. As a result of the policy of permanent neutrality, which had become the art of establishing peace throughout the planet, a bright star named Turkmenistan had appeared in the geopolitical space of the planet”.

In recent years, Turkmenistan has further expanded its diplomatic relations with the whole world, maintains diplomatic relations with almost 150 countries of the world and is a member of almost 50 prestigious international organizations.

There are 40 diplomatic missions and consulates of Turkmenistan operating abroad. There are 35 diplomatic missions of foreign countries and 13 representations of international organizations inside the country. Today, our national flag, as a clear peace-loving image, which is a symbol of stability and happiness, flies high in all corners of the peaceful Turkmen land, and in the central square in front of the UN General Assembly. Our Coat of Arms depicts our national wealth, and our national Anthem is the most proud song in our Independent Homeland.

In socio-economic development Turkmenistan has made great strides in the careful use of its rich natural resources. The rapidly growing economy of Turkmenistan is actively integrating into the regional and world economy. Turkmenistan orients the results of economic development for the development of the social system, the creation of highly intellectual and physically strong human capital, capable of ensuring the country's prosperity in the future. During the years of Independence, great success has been achieved in all spheres of the country's life, large-scale social projects have been implemented, a wide range of educational, health-improving, cultural, scientific and sports institutions have been created.

As a result of the positive initiatives of our esteemed President, the adopted large-scale programs to strengthen our national economy are aimed at further improving the standard of living of our people. In this regard, the improvement of all spheres of public life based on the requirements of the time, the modernization of the material and technical support of various sectors of the national economy, the improvement of the quality and expansion of the scale of services, the successful implementation of projects that meet international standards are the basis of the reform policy carried out in our stable country.

We wish the esteemed Arkadag, who brought the glory of our independent Motherland to a new decent level, health, long life, success and prosperity in great deeds for the good of the people, country and world!


Maksat SAIPOV, 
main specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums inTurkmenistan.