Under the wise and humane leadership of our esteemed President, who has brought the ancient Oguz Khan’s generation to eternal bliss, it is a sign of happiness and statehood to witness the historic events that make the world famous in the year of "Turkmenistan - the Motherland of peace and trust", on the eve of the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence. 

One of such joyful events was the presentation of our scientist Arkadag's wonderful new book "Independence is our happiness" to our people. This valuable work is a description of the achievements of our Motherland over the past 30 years of Independence, is a clear reflection of the historical significance of turkmen Independence. This precious, historical book, which will be a beacon and lead the way, has become a unique literary work dedicated to the glorious date, the 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of Turkmenistan, and has received a great response among our compatriots. 

This book of our hero Arkadag takes the reader on a unique journey into the latest history of the turkmen people, which has created many great states for centuries. The book provides an in-depth look at Independence and its origins, and at the heart of the victories, successes and the growing international prestige of Turkmenistan is the Independence of the state. Also, the works has been done and the work being done to move our Motherland forward, only through progress, to achieve the eternal happiness of our harmonious, hard-working people, the profound thoughts of our compatriots are the result of their tireless efforts and hard work. 

As the President noted: "During a centuries-old history, our ancestors have established dozens states all over the world. Great principles and ways have been developed for humankind thanks to the powerful and glorious Turkmen states. In several centuries, during which many great states have been established by our ancestors, a new Turkmen state which illuminated the history of all mankind was founded at the end of the second millennium. Thus, a new state Turkmenistan has taken its rightful place on the political map of the world. This marked the beginning of a completely new era in our history and in the life of the Turkmen people". 

It is a great concept that the value of independence cannot be measured by anything, it is the eternal foundation of the inviolability of our state, the unity and solidarity of our people. This great and profound word summarizes the sweetest dreams and aspirations of our forefathers to live a free, sovereign, prosperous and happy life, the glorious past, present and great future of our dear Motherland. 

Happiness of independence is the inexhaustible pride of hearts, the golden crown of our heads, its magnificent glorification is as inexhaustible as the ocean, glorification of freedom every morning sounds like a Hymn, it becomes a song, a music, a work, it takes an eternal place in the form of the soul and inspires your heart, it attaches to our twelve bones and acquires immortality, affection, and eternity. 

When we read with great enthusiasm our Hero Arkadag's wonderful book "Independence is our happiness", you realize that the bulk of the things that honor the nation, raise the nation and uplift the people are related to Independence. 

As a result of national identity and Turkmen-specific patience in the section "The Turkmen people are the sole owner of state power" in this book, which is precious to us, it inspires us, it is no coincidence that during the formation of the young, independent state, it was possible to overcome a number of complex issues that were inevitable and well-founded. This is because the state structure of Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan and the principles of life fully supported by the world community are based on the centuries-old experience of our wise forefathers, who always took into account the wishes and opinions of the people. 

The large-scale book "Independence is our happiness", which is a great gift for the Independence day of our people, is a 13-volume book published in three languages, which is a great gift for the Independence day of our people. This weighty work is aimed not only at the turkmen readers, but also at the world fans of our beloved Motherland, which is the Sun of development in Central Asia, and for every reader who wants to get to know this state. 

Each scientific and literary work of our esteemed President is of great importance in spreading the spiritual world, national culture, art, history, nature, material and spiritual values ​​of the turkmen people. 

This wonderful holiday gift to our holy Independence is a harbinger of a bright future for the statehood and happiness of our people. 

We wish that the pencil of our esteemed President, who regularly gives such wonderful works to his beloved people, will always be sharp, healthy and long life. May the great deeds of our Hero Arkadag always be nourished by prosperity!