Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, in the year of "Turkmenistan - the Motherland of Peace and Trust, our country celebrated the glorious 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, which is our national pride, with modern socio-economic, political, cultural development, labor victories, inspiration. 

Our sacred Independence, which allows us to develop a sense of patriotism in every human being, a deep understanding of the glorious past, present and future of our beloved Motherland paved the way for the realization of our ancestors' dreams of independent statehood, the restoration of our centuries-old national and spiritual values, our humanitarian traditions. 

Great changes have taken place in the consciousness, political, cultural and spiritual life of our people, formed fair, modern public relations based on the democratic norms of international law. 

As our President Arkadag noted, our dear Motherland is a country where justice is celebrated. 

Independence forms the basis of the constitutional principles of the development of the state, law and democracy. Independence is the basis for citizens to live a dignified life, increase their creative potential and ensure the happy life of our national spiritual generations in the future. 

Article 1 of our Basic Law defines Turkmenistan as a democratic, legal and secular state, defining that "the state protects Turkmenistan's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutional order, and guarantees its legitimacy and law and order." 

The rule of law of the state means - first and foremost, the rule of law in the state, the improvement of society at the level of civil society, and the recognition of human dignity as the highest value. In this regard, our scientist Arkadag in his scientific-encyclopedic work "The principle of Turkmen statehood" wisely noted: "The notion of human value is an important principle of the times. Because history has made it clear that the real purpose of life is in people, that they are involved in life." 

During the independence was formed the national state structure of our Motherland Turkmenistan. This structure derives its origin from the Declaration of sovereignty adopted on August 29, 1990. The Declaration of state sovereignty is the first legal basis for strengthening the fundamental principles of sovereignty, independence and domestic and foreign policy of our state and for the prosperity of our country Turkmenistan. 

This document, which was of fundamental importance in the formation of independent Turkmenistan, created the political legal conditions necessary for the adoption of the 1991 constitutional law of Turkmenistan on the foundations of independence and state structure of Turkmenistan. 

At the end of the last century, i.e. on May 18, 1992, the turkmen people have described in the historical document - the Constitution of Independent Turkmenistan - the way to build a new life, to ensure stability and prosperity of the country. The Constitution has played a major role in the establishment of a sovereign state and in the implementation of political, economic and social reforms. He embodied the aspirations he had nurtured in the hearts of the turkmen people, as well as his understanding of freedom and the democratic structure of the state. 

The national principles of state sovereignty, the rights and freedoms provided for in the universal Declaration of Human rights and other norms of international law are reflected in the content of the Constitution of Turkmenistan. 

As our esteemed President emphasizes, the policy of Independence and permanent Neutrality of our country, the peace and civil unity prevailing in our state, the priority of democracy and the rule of law are the foundations that ensure the peaceful and prosperous life of our people. 

On establishing effective strategic cooperation with the world community for the sake of peace, security and sustainable development our President’s initiatives promoted by the United Nations General Assembly has been consistently supported. This is, shows that Turkmenistan supports international relations in addressing the most pressing issues of today, is ready to work together for the lofty goals of peace and prosperity, and to carry out its tasks to the United Nations Organization. 

Humanitarian initiatives of our esteemed President on achieving political stability and social peace in the country are of great importance in strengthening the foundations of our state Independence, and sacred Independence is our eternal happiness. 

Reviving from Independence, our national Leader, who is leading the turkmen people to a new level of development with confidence, wishing him on his great beginnings, great attitudes to be nourished by prosperity, health, long life and his dignity to be always exalted. 


Hekimberdi Ovezov, 
the secretary – referent of apparatus of the Commission
for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.