As a result of the implementation of the foresight initiatives of our Esteemed President, in the prosperous period of our Sovereign state, all systems in our country are being developed on an innovative and technological basis on a consistent and modern basis. Because, innovative technologies are an integral part of the development of the modern world. 

Now let’s talk about what the concept of "Digital system" is all about! "Digital system" is technologies, including communication and computer technologies, which provide unlimited development opportunities, create a broad environment for the collection, storage, processing and transfer of all data from one place to another through a network. 

In the first volume of the book "State regulation of social and economic development of Turkmenistan", our Scientist Arkadag wisely points out that perfect science is needed for the fundamental development of the economy, and that innovative technologies should be introduced into production. 

In our Motherland, which ranks among the developed countries of the world the "Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025" has played a special role in the implementation of innovative technologies. Conceptually, the tasks set are successfully completed. In the first phase of the implementation of the concept, great results have been achieved in the implementation of the digital system in the economy. 

As part of the regulation of the operation of the digital system, from March 14, 2020, the electronic document, the legal status of electronic document circulation and digital services, the basic requirements for them will be determined, and the relations arising in this field will be regulated the Law of Turkmenistan "On Electronic documentation, electronic document management and digital services" was adopted. 

Under the wise leadership of President Arkadag, important work is being done to digitize the national economy, which is in line with the developments of the time, and is being carried out in accordance with the established plan. Significant progress has been made in the economy, life and politics as a result of the transition to digitalization of all sectors and the implementation of advanced information technologies. Nowadays, the use of innovation-based digital systems has become a driving force for economic growth and has begun to have a positive impact on social systems. This is a clear indication that Independent, eternally Neutral Turkmenistan is successfully integrating into the world’s information space. 

As a result of these successes mentioned in the digital system, positive experience is also accumulated in the electoral system of our secular and legal state. Of course, elections are also an integral part of the political development of our state. 

Based on the instructions and advices of the national Leader to study the world experience in the conduct of elections, specialists of the  Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan are regularly studying the work of the electoral system of the world and their experience. In the work of the electoral system of our country, special attention is paid to the comprehensive preparation for the digital economy.  

Now, let's take a look at some of the ways in which we can improve the way we communicate election information to the public through digital systems! 

In this regard, it should be noted that the website of the Central Election commission has been created (saylav.gov.tm). All election news is regularly posted on the website in Turkmen, English and Russian, and is made available to the public in a timely manner. 

As another example, on election day, video cameras were set up in dozens of polling stations in Ashgabat and in our provinces, it can be emphasized that the voter turnout is shown online (live) on the website of the Central Election commission. This practice was first introduced on the March 25, 2018, on elections of the members of the Parliament of Mejlis, velayat, etrap, city halk maslahaty and members of Gengeshes, and was also used in other elections. This means that the world, as well as the turkmen community, can watch the democratic elections in our country live on the internet. This shows that elections are being held in our country on the basis of transparency and democratic principles. 

In addition, in accordance with the "Regulations on the protection of information in the state information systems of Turkmenistan" and the "State program for cyber ​​security of Turkmenistan", approved by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan, the department of Digital technology and information security of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan has prepared a regulation on information security. The regulation outlines the procedure for ensuring the security and information security of the Central Election Commission on a daily basis and in the foreseeable future. 

In order to properly carry out the tasks arising from the State Cyber ​​Security Program and its implementation plan for 2017-2021, the scheduled work is carried out on a regular basis. The Law of Turkmenistan "On Cyber ​​security" adopted in this regard is of great importance. The document is aimed at safeguarding the country's sovereignty and interests, preventing security threats on the Internet, and ensuring the rule of law, the rights and interests of public order, organizations and citizens. 

Thus, in the future, the experience of developing the digital system in electoral work is being studied on a regular basis. 

We sincerely thank our esteemed President for the vast opportunities he provides for us to make good use of such high-tech innovative technologies. May the life of our Hero Arkadag be healthy and long, and all his noble initiatives be nourished with further prosperity. 


Merdan Halbayev, 
Leading specialist of department of Digital technology and information security of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.