Our state of permanently Neutral Turkmenistan, which promotes peace, friendship, brotherhood, humanity and sustainable development in the world, has chosen the world's most recognized democratic path in its political life. Our beautiful place is the land of peace and happiness, of freedom and of democracy.

 With the foreseeable beginnings of our hero Arkadag, our Motherland is flourishing day by day, blossoming, perfecting and reaching great heights. The daily development of our Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan is exemplary. The year 2021, under the slogan "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust", is also fed by many political, economic, cultural events and holidays. The united turkmen nation celebrates with inspiration International Neutrality day every year on December 12. Because, Neutrality is a reliable guarantee of peace and sustainable development and is a fundamental principle that defines the core of Turkmenistan's activity in the international arena.

 Neutrality is the ancestral principle of the turkmen people, and this doctrine, which has been going on for centuries, has always been in the minds of our people. The permanent legal status of Neutrality of Turkmenistan is defined in article 2 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

 Within the framework of the legal Neutrality of Turkmenistan, the slogan "Peace through development" was put forward by our national Leader, Turkmenistan draws the attention of the United Nations to the continued goodwill of fruitful dialogue in various areas of development, including political, economic, energy, environmental and humanitarian issues. As a result, in terms of cooperation, the world is convinced that only peace-building projects can be reliable pillars of bridges that lead to a brighter future for any country and for all mankind.

 Our esteemed President in his book "Neutral Turkmenistan" notes:

"Turkmen Neutrality is the path to peace, the path of friendship and brotherhood of all the peoples of our planet. The Neutrality of Turkmenistan is the value of not only the turkmen people, but is the value of the global community."  The valuable book of our esteemed President "Turkmenistan on the way to achieving the goals of sustainable development" also very cleverly describes the doctrines of our development path based on peace and good cooperation.

 Resolution "On permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan" by the General Assembly of the United Nations of December 12, 1995, and re-admission on June 3, 2015, on the basis of the universal initiatives of our esteemed President, Resolution on declaring December 12th, 2017, "the International day of Neutrality", at the United Nations General Assembly on February 2, 2017 and the unanimous acceptance of the other relevant proposals put forward has created a "Turkmen model" of the Neutrality policy.

 The level of Neutrality has allowed our country to have a high reputation as a global reconciliation center, to make great strides in the economy, in the social sphere, in the spiritual and cultural life of the turkmen society.

 The capital of Independent, permanent Neutral Turkmenistan has become a true center of peace, harmony and friendship between people. Turkmenistan's permanent Neutrality has stimulated the development of international cooperation and neighborly relations in the region. Turkmenistan has recently established itself as a country that pursues a unique foreign policy in the international arena. The services he has rendered over the past 26 years as part of a policy of Neutrality and as a conciliation center have further enhanced the international prestige of our country.

 Turkmenistan maintains friendly relations with neighboring countries and all countries of the world. Turkmenistan has experience working with the United Nations in preventing and resolving disputes in the region.

 Thus, the international prestige of our country has further increased, and its beneficial relations with the countries of the region and the different continents of the world have reached new heights.

 We sincerely thank our Hero Arkadag for the humane efforts of our sovereign state in the era of prosperity.

 Long live the to the Arkadag President, who is raising the international prestige of our independent, permanently Neutral Motherland, and may his great deeds for the benefit of the nation, the region and the world be always nourished !

Maksatmyrat GELDIYEV,

chief specialist of apparatus of the Commission

for holding Elections and referendums

 in Turkmenistan.