Under the wise leadership of our esteemed Arkadag President, in the Epoch of Power and Happiness, the dates of our beautiful Motherland, adorned with celebrations, unforgettable events, overwhelm the hearts of our people.

The past year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust" was also one of the most eventful years with glorious events, the 140th anniversary of the founding of the heart of our Motherland, our white Ashgabat city, the glorious 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, the 26th anniversary of our permanent Neutrality were solemn marked with unanimity, inspiration, joy and gaiety.

2021 will be remembered as the year of socio-economic, political, cultural development, labor victories, high achievements in the history of our country. This year, large-scale work aimed at the development of our Independent, permanently Neutral Motherland and the achievement of lofty goals, awakening inexhaustible strength and inspiration in all Turkmen citizens, has become a triumph of great love for the Homeland.

At the initiative of our esteemed President, the peaceful and humanitarian policy of our country in solving regional and global problems of our time is flourishing at the international level. The Consultative Meeting of the Heads of State of Central Asia and the Dialogue of Women of Central Asian Countries, held in August this year in the Avaza National tourist zone, as well as the 15th Summit of the Organization for Economic Cooperation, chaired by our esteemed President, held in November in Ashgabat, once again confirmed the growing international authority our state.

This year, in accordance with the Program of the country's socio-economic development for 2019-2025, a number of buildings and structures for social and industrial purposes have been built and commissioned. Among them, the opening and commissioning of new textile complexes equipped with the latest equipment, as well as the opening and commissioning of the high-speed Ashgabat-Turkmenabat highway - the Ashgabat-Tejen section with a length of 203 kilometers.

Currently, in our country, the construction of hundreds of residential and industrial facilities is in full swing.

Under the leadership of our national Leader, our country is confidently moving forward along the path of creation and success. Achievements in all areas have a positive effect on the steady improvement in the standard of living of our people and strengthen their confidence in the future. In the regions of our Motherland, thousands of happy families celebrated housewarming in their hearths.

The spiritual energy of a prosperous life and a happy era inspires our people to work hard and creatively. Therefore, thanks to our esteemed Arkadag President, each year of the Epoch of Power and Happiness ends with high labor achievements and positive results.

As a result of our esteemed President's concern for the rural workers, in the coming year, our hardworking farmers also fulfilled their contractual obligations for the production of grain and cotton. With a bountiful harvest, fruit and vegetable producers have also made a significant contribution to strengthening our national economy.

Efforts are also being made to digitalize all sectors of our national economy.

Of course, elections held on a democratic basis are also particularly important in the political development of our state. As you know, in connection with the transition of the Parliament of our country to a bicameral system, on March 28, 2021, on the basis of democratic principles, the first elections of members of the Halk Maslahaty Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan were organized.

The boundless love of our esteemed President for his people, his work of universal significance, extolling our Fatherland, turned our Motherland into a country of happiness.

At the initiative of the Head of State, it has become a noble tradition to give a worthy name to each year. This allows us to pay special attention to the important stages of the modern development of our state and society, paving the way for each year to be saturated with important events. This contributes to the further improvement of the well-being of our people, the pride of the young generation for our Motherland and their desire to contribute to the reforms taking place in the Era of power and happiness.

Following the noble tradition, at the initiative of our esteemed President, by the Decree of the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan, the proclamation of 2022 “Epoch of people with Arkadag”  is the basis of a happy era and is a vivid symbol of the high The unprecedented efforts of our esteemed President are at the heart of the progress made in the Age of Power and Happiness.

The year 2021 is coming to an end, which will forever remain in the history of our country. In our time, it is a great wealth and happiness that our pearl city of Ashgabat and our velayats are dressed in New Year's outfits and are illuminated with bright festive lights.

We sincerely believe that the New Year will also be a year of development. To live in such a wonderful time is a great happiness for every Turkmen citizen.

There is no limit to our gratitude to the distinguished President, who gave us a happy life.

Taking this opportunity, we cordially congratulate our esteemed President and the entire Turkmen people with the coming New Year.

May the New Year 2022, called the “Epoch of people with Arkadag” bring joy, happiness and prosperity to every home! We wish our esteemed Arkadag, who demonstrates an excellent example of patriotism, health, further success in his great deeds for the good of the people and the country.


Happy New Year 2022!


Hekimberdi Ovezov, 
the secretary – referent of apparatus of the Commission for holding
Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.