Every day of the the Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state, under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, is nourished by historically significant events, new milestones of development. The idea of establishing a world Health day was put forward in 1948 at the first session of the World health assembly. Celebrating Health day every year has been a tradition since the 1950s. Since then, April 7 has been celebrated every year as "Health day".

World health day is also widely celebrated in our Motherland every year. At "the Era of the People with Arkadag" the celebration, which is dedicated to this glorious date, has a wide range of sports, physical and recreational activities, cultural and artistic activities.

In the beautiful spring morning, our happy compatriots of all ages actively participated in mass sporting events under the slogan "My health is my main wealth" in the early hours of the morning testifies to the fact that our dear Motherland has become a place of health and spirituality.

As our esteemed President noted: "In our independent state, the main role is played in the development of mass sports and youth policy."

As you know, with the initiation of our Hero Arkadag, in 2018, June 3 was declared "World cycling day" at the UN General Assembly. In this regard, on June 2018, the "World cycling day", with the participation of 3,246 people, the world's most comprehensive cycling training course for cycling at the "Ashgabat" multipurpose stadium, a 3,300-meter bicycle race in the Olympic village of Ashgabat on June 2019 was included in the Guinness book of records as a continuous, regular walk. Also in order to perpetuate World cycling day, "the Bicycle" building was opened in 2020. And on March 15 this year, on the initiative of Turkmenistan, at the 61st plenary session of the 76th  session of the UN General Assembly unanimous adoption of the Decree "On the introduction of mass cycling into public transport systems for sustainable development" with the co-operation of 62 member states of the United Nations testifies to the international community's appreciation of our country's achievements in the development of sports and physical education. This is proof that the initiatives of our neutral state are being recognized internationally.

Independent, Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan currently has diplomatic relations with 151 countries around the world and is a member of about 50 international organizations. Also, the diplomatic missions and consulates of the country operate in 40 foreign countries. Turkmenistan has 48 diplomatic missions from countries around the world and international organizations. Our country also participates in 167 international agreements and conventions, and is a member of 13 UN councils, committees and commissions.

As our Serdar with Arkadag says:"Bicycle is widely used in the world as the most environmentally friendly, affordable and safe means of transportation. Compared to other vehicles, it is also easy to manage. Cycling, on the other hand, is an environmentally friendly and fun sport that plays an important role in improving the physical health of our population" world-class development of physical culture and sports in our country, strengthening the health of our people by enforcing healthy lifestyles in our society, great care is taken to nurture healthy and spiritually mature youth.

This shows to the whole world that great importance to the protection of human health, the establishment of a healthy lifestyle, which is our main asset in our Independent Motherland. As we know, the mass expansion of cycling in our country in recent years means that our compatriots, who follow healthy lifestyles, are becoming more and more interested in this sport. Because, cycling has become an integral part of the lives of millions of turkmen in recent years.

 In fact, if we look at historical data, it can be seen that our compatriots have been interested in this sport in our country since time immemorial. In 1894 establishing of a society of lovers of cycling in Ashgabat and the first bicycle race was held in June 1895 is evidenced by the fact that.

This vehicle, which is unique in its environmental friendliness among all types of vehicles, primarily serves as a special tool for the health of the human body. Cycling in the fresh air is a way for a person to be physically and mentally healthy, that it is a very beneficial action for increasing physical activity has been proven by research by scientists in many countries around the world. That is, as a result of regular cycling in the fresh air every day, the human body has a very low chance of developing feelings such as fatigue, tension, discomfort. Cycling promotes the smooth functioning of the nervous system, leads to an improvement in the general mental state of the person, stimulates appetite, improves thinking ability, improves memory.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle in our country and the development of a healing movement, the development of a recovery movement, an increase in the number of cyclists and in connection with the emergence of new environmental attitudes, in accordance with the requests of the Ashgabat city administration and public organizations of our country, on the occasion of World health day this year, it is also noteworthy that the announcement of a car-free event in the capital, which promotes ecological well-being. This is a clear indication of the great importance given to the sport of cycling, which is considered to be the highest ecological form of transport in our dear Land, which is widely known as a country of health and inspiration.

We heartily congratulate our esteemed President and all our compatriots on World health day. May the life of our esteemed President be healthy, upright, long-lived and exalted for the great deeds for the prosperity of our country, of our people for a happy and prosperous life! May the prosperous cause of the nation and the cause of the state always prosper!


Hekimberdi Ovezov
a secretary-referent of apparatus of the Commission for holding 
Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.