Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, every day of the new Powerful era of the Sovereign state is nourished by great deeds, historical events and weddings for the benefit of the people. National values ​​and national principles that have brought to the level of perfection of our people are reflected in the great reforms taking place in our country, in the initiatives, in the glorious events that will last forever in the layers of history. The contribution of every nation to the world culture is determined by its material and spiritual values. The Turkmen people are also a nation that has for centuries created universal and unique values. One of those values ​​is our heavenly horses, which are the heart of the turkmen on the holiday, the companion on the lucky day, the pearl of beauty.

The unique ahalteke horses, which are incomparable in beauty, have become an integral part of the glorious history of the turkmen people for centuries. That's why, establishment of the office building of the International ahalteke equestrian association in Ashgabat, construction of state-of-the-art equestrian sports complexes across the country, the fact that the national holiday of the Turkmen Horse Day is widely celebrated on the last Sunday of April every year also testifies to what has been said. Dedicated to this date, the international horse beauty contest, creative contests among cultural and artistic figures for high artistic expression of the unique natural beauty of heavenly horses, as well as specialized exhibitions, scientific conferences, horse racings and it has become a noble tradition to hold exhibitions of pure-blooded horses. By the way, under the leadership of our esteemed President the national horse day of the Turkmen horse is widely celebrated in this glorious year, which has been declared the at "the Era of the People with Arkadag".  Inherited from our fathers «Irden tur-da, ata­ňy gör, ataň­dan soň — aty­ňy», «Aty baryň — ganaty bar», «At agynan ýerde toý bolar», «Atda aýak bolsa, özge syn bolmaz», «At basyşyndan bellidir», «At gadyryn münen biler» guided by wisdom turkmen people considered the horse to be their closest companion and loyal friend. In our past and present, we all know the great value of respect for heavenly horses. Because, the horse is the wing of the turkmen, a close confidant of his brave sons. Today, the beauty of the ahalteke horses, which amaze with their beauty, sensitivity and speed, is conveyed in beautiful music and poetic poems. Our horses, known all over the world for their speed, endurance and loyalty, have become the decoration of our hippodromes and holidays and have become the national pride of our people.

At present in our dear Motherland great efforts are being made for ahalteke horses which are not commendable with words, to increase the number of and develop the equestrian industry.

In preserving our national values ​​that are passed down from generation to generation and in spreading the word our esteemed President is doing a great jobs.

"We will continue to work hard to increase the number of  ahalteke horses and their fame in the world, to preserve and enrich the rich traditions of the national school of dog breeding, and to increase the number of turkmen alabays" noted our esteemed President, and this is a clear indication that great work will be done in the field of equestrian development in the future.

Horse racings, equestrian sports and equestrian jumping competitions are also becoming a noble tradition in equestrian complexes built and put into operation in the velayats of our country. Our dear country is becoming a venue for horse races and equestrian competitions.

Our hero Arkadag in his book "swift step of the horse racer": "Horse riding is one of the Turkmen traditions of bravery. This tradition is passed from fathers to sons, from elder brothers  to younger ones. In all parts of our country there are many hippodromes, equestrian-sport complexes where young and  talented horse breeders and horse riders  study and gain their experience." - very cautiously notes. As the saying goes, the profession of father is heritage of son, when our Head of the state rode a brown horse named Hankerwen, going out the racetrack, rode with slow steps, the horse realizing that the horse rider is  experienced and capable, doing all his work flawlessly,  will not forget the moments when the audience was created to enjoy the beauty of the horse, its harmonious movement and its slow pace. This shows the wonderful classical harmony of friendship and loyalty between man and horse.

 Today, Turkmenistan's confident step towards the heights of progress and great victories is likened to a horse-power. This is a testament to the fact that under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, our Motherland is confidently moving towards new heights of development.

The "Galkynysh" national horse racing group, created by initiative of our Hero Arkadag, has won prestigious awards by participating in prestigious international circus games and competitions in international equestrain games. The five-time world champion this group is growing in popularity around the world. Our young jigits masterfully performing the complex of exercises of turkmen circus and equestrian art, and excite the world.  The performances of this group is not only captivated the audience of our country, but also captivated the audience of many foreigners. In our Motherland and abroad, the equestrian games of young men in gyrmyzy don and Ak telpek on slender, reed-like turkmen horses, who are able to perform brilliant art is highly valued. This group is considered one of the best equestrian-acrobatics groups in the world.

To further elevate the glory of our heavenly horses, which have become the national pride of our people, a wonderful example of beauty, necessary works are being done in our country to develop equestrian sports and spread the national traditions of horse racing. The construction of modern hippodromes that meet world standards in all of our velayats, the horse breeding, as well as construction of the International ahalteke equestrian school and the scientific and production center within the new administrative center of Ahal velayat also means that our state creates all conditions and ample opportunities for the development of equestrian sports.

We heartily congratulate our Hero Arkadag, our esteemed President and all our compatriots on the national holiday of Turkmen horse day. May the life of our esteemed President, who lifts the national values ​​inherited from our ancestors and the glory of our ahalteke horses, and deeds for the good of the nation always be prosperous, upright!


Hekimberdi Ovezov,
a secretary-referent of apparatus of the Commission for holding 
Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.