Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President in the year of "The Era of the people with Arkadag" of the Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state every day fed up with historical events and holidays. One such holiday is Victory day in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 is also widely celebrated. Participating in world war II, veterans of war who set a high example of courage, bravery, and heroism deserve such great respect.

On this auspicious day, we bow our heads to the memory of all the frontiersmen who sacrificed their lifes, those who worked hard in the rear and those who showed the heroism for the Motherland. The Turkmen youth made a great contribution to the Great Victory and showed extraordinary courage and bravery. Today our duty is to protect the peace and freedom that the descendants of the victors have bestowed upon us.

An indestructible spiritual force, the stability and unity shown on the battlefields and in the rear led to the defeat of fascism in the most devastating war in the history of mankind. The name of the heroes who suffered the harsh trials of the Great Patriotic war on their shoulders written in the calendar of our peaceful country forever as a symbol of the heroism, valor and glory of our people.

As our Hero Arkadag points out, the Victory day is a special day that highlights the great interest in peace, humanity and creativity. The turkmen people are celebrating this holiday, which plays an important role in the upbringing of the younger generation.

Keeping human dignity high in the Great Patriotic war, the brave fighters who sacrificed their lifes for the happiness of the Motherland, the nation and the future generations, our brave war veterans who returned to our Motherland safe and sound and still live among us, our white-haired mothers, who have left behind those who went to war and faithfully kept their sacred homes up to the level of their eyes is an immortal school of heroism, courage, and loyalty for us.

We, the present generation, sincerely respect the heroes who are loyal to the Motherland and the people. Highly respecting the bravery of the heroes of the last war, we are fully appreciate the value of peace, tranquility and a happy life. This ritual is obligatory and sacred.

No matter how many years past, the heroism of the heroes who stood up for the protection of the Motherland is forever etched in the memory and hearts of generations. They bow their heads in front of the courage and bravery of the glorious defenders of the Motherland.

The incomparable heroism of the brave fighters, the hard work of our mothers who worked in the rear during the war years, their noble work in educating our younger generation in the spirit of patriotism, heroism, courage, contributions to the successful implementation of the ongoing reforms is an example school.

The contribution of the turkmen people to the victory in the Great Patriotic war is great. The people of our country, who were left behind during the war years, the elder people, the women and girls, and teenagers worked hard day and night to produce plenty of grain and cotton. They made a great contribution to the victory by sending the goods needed to the front, clothing and food.

Turkmen people always adhered to the great principles of humanity. Today, the principles of heroes are the main principle for the turkmen people, who are building friendly and good-neighborly relations with other peoples. The memory of the past war and its brutality has become a major force in the development of international relations for the benefit of peace.

In memory of the heroes who died in the Patriotic war, wreaths are laid on the grounds of the "Halk hakydasy" memory complex of the heroes who died in the 1941-1945 war. This is especially important for the upbringing of young people in the spirit of patriotism. Meetings with war veterans and elders have a profound spiritual effect. These events help to gain a deeper understanding of the rich history and culture of the unique traditions of our people, to strengthen the intergenerational connection, the continuity of the doctrine and responsibility for the well-being of our dear Motherland.

The Great Victory day is celebrated in peaceful country in united and in high spirit manner is a celebration of Turkmenistan's Neutrality and peace-loving policy and its successful development nourishes the heart with pride.

May the life of our esteemed President, who lives the turkmen people in such a wonderful time will be long and good deeds always be prosperous.


Dinmuhammet ANNACHARYYEV, 
chief specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.