As a result of the unprecedented efforts of our esteemed President to encourage mass physical education, health and sports, the prestige of our dear Motherland in the world sports arena is further enhanced. Along with other sports in Turkmenistan, cycling is gaining new progress. This is clear evidenced by the fact that every year on June 3 - the World cycling day, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in our country, together with the world community, sports competitions and cycling races. 

In our country, great attention is paid to the development of physical education and sports on a global scale, the introduction of healthier lifestyles in our society, the strengthening of the health of our people, the development of healthy and spiritually healthy young people.

"The bicycle is widely used in the world as the most environmentally friendly, affordable and safe means of transport. It is also easier to drive than other vehicles. Cycling, on the other hand, is an environmentally friendly and fun sport that plays an important role in improving the physical health of our population." the prudent appointment of our esteemed President highlights the importance of this sport. 

Nowadays, cycling is one of the most popular sports in our country that contributes to ecological well-being and strengthening human health. 

With the beginning of our hero Arkadag by the adoption of the Resolution on April 12, 2018, at the 72nd session of the 82nd assembly of the UN General Assembly, declaring June 3 as "World cycling day" is clearly evidenced it. The resolution calls on all countries of the world to focus on cycling in their development strategies and to include them in national, regional and international programs. 

A "Bicycle" building was built in Ashgabat in honor of this event. This building was ceremonially opened in 2020. All of these are aimed at one goal - to achieve the Sustainable development goals for the period up to 2030 at the defined "Agenda". Health, sports, and ecology are the cornerstones of all of them, the "common home" of mankind, through the attainment of a prosperous and peaceful life for every human being, is the universally recognized inalienable foundation of advancement. Bicycle sports today also witness the great development of the world in sports, as well as the doctrines of peace, friendship and goodwill of mankind.

As you know, under the leadership of our esteemed President on March 15 this year on the initiative of Turkmenistan, at the 61st plenary assembly of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, the adoption of the Resolution "Introducing mass cycling into public transport systems for sustainable development" was a matter of great pride. 

As we know, for more than two centuries mankind is used a bike as an environmentally friendly, simple-to-use, and a safe vehicle. In this regard, cycling is very popular all over the world. 

Cycling, which dates back to 1869, the first major race between Paris and Rouen, France, was included in the 1896 Olympic Games program. 

Today the bike has become one of the most popular vehicles in the world. Replacing the car with a bicycle helps reduce the amount of harmful gases emitted by the environment. The increase in the number of this vehicle in our country, which is also very important for human health and the cleanliness of the environment, and the growing interest in cycling among young people, is increasing its popularity. It is noteworthy that this sport, which is very popular all over the world, has a long history in Turkmenistan. This history dates back to the founding of the first cycling community in Ashgabat in 1894. This is evidenced by the fact that the first bicycle race which was held in June 1895. 

As you know, our Hero Arkadag is leading the way for an innovative state strategy in the field of sports and being an excellent athlete, and advocates active participation in physical education and sports. This has become the norm of our Arkadag’s life since childhood.  Honorable President Serdar Berdimuhamedov continues his noble family traditions, and pays great attention to sports. Sport has a positive effect on a person's physical and mental well-being, it helps to develop qualities such as hard work, enthusiasm, purposefulness, discipline. In it the continuity of generations is finds a clear expression. 

May the life of our esteemed President, who is making great efforts for the spread of healthy lifestyles in our country be long, and good deeds for the benefit of nation and of all mankind always be nourished by success! 


Ogulnyyaz Mammetnurova, 
main specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.