In our Independent and permanent Neutral Motherland great work is being done in studying the past history of our people, holding the honor of our brave ancestors, and educating our generations in the spirit of patriotism. As you know, every year on October 6 turkmen people commemorate the glorious pages of their history and celebrate the Memorial day. 

In our Turkmen people, there is a saying: "The one who is respect their elder will be rich, and the one who is respect their died people will be sir". This testifies to the fact that our forefathers did not consider even the smallest subtleties in terms of morality and humanity. Because, the above sentence refers to the most precious treasure - spiritual wealth. The memory of something or someone is the treasure of a person's heart. This also affects the upbringing of the younger generation. That's why it seems that nature also sympathizes with us to remember our loved ones, heroes, and martyrs and remember them at the state level every autumn. The surroundings are covered in yellow and seem to hold the memory of our great past. 

There is a monument complex "Halk Hakydasy" in the south-western part of Ashgabat city, surrounded by greenery, which reminds us of the historical path of our ancestors. "Baky şöhrat" and "Milletiň ogullary" memorials to those who died in the war of 1941-1945, the battles for the defense of Gokdepe fortress, and other fierce wars for the Motherland, as well as "Ruhy tagzym" to the martyrs of the Ashgabat earthquake of 1948, also,  the museum "Watan mukaddesligi" is a symbol of deep respect for the great heroes of our people, the turkmen people for their great past, and carries the spirit of patriotism. 

See, how many works, poems, music, and art works were created about those tragic days. Any person familiar with these works will first feel sadness, and then, gradually change into a sense of pride. Yes, there is a growing sense of pride in a country that has faced such difficulties. As you live in the works, you can't help but feel the tears welling up in your eyes. Then the thought comes to mind: look, what a brave, careless people we have. They did not give up even in the days of tragedy. Although they did not see it themselves, they lived believing that their descendants would see happy days. 

We live in a time that our ancestors dreamed of. Therefore, we should know the value of these days for ourselves and our ancestors and serve our country and our Motherland. 

Currently, at the new Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state when you visit our beautiful capital Ashgabat, you can't believe that it once suffered such a tragic event - a terrible earthquake and was destroyed. 

With the Independence of our country, these places got a new look. Our capital Ashgabat, our velayats, etraps, villages, and cities in the etrap, under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, who is worthy of continuing the statesmanship started by our Hero Arkadag have undergone changes. Buildings under construction, multi-purpose buildings, cultural-recreational zones, parks, fountains attract visitors and tourists from the earth with modern architectural structure that is a model of the nation. 

Ashgabat entered the Guinness Book of Records as the white marble city. Today our pearl city Ashgabat has become a place where meetings, exhibitions, cultural and sports competitions are held. 

Today's generations remember their ancestors and hold their respect high. Every heart has a great pride and eternal memory of their ancestors who survived those tragic days and bravely faced the trials of life. 

Our Motherland is the crown of our head, the Motherland is the most sacred concept in the heart of every turkmen child who knows that it is the greatest value and it is happiness to serve it. Our fathers were able to bring up brave, classic emotions in themselves and in their children. 

It is impossible to enumerate the remarkable events, achievements, and positive reforms that have taken place in the life of our country during the years of Independence. Every day, every month of our Motherland is enriched with proud events. 

There is no end of the unlimited thanks given to the name of our esteemed President who gives such proud moments to the country. 

Let the remembering our great past, our ancestors, the thanks to our esteemed President who is doing great works always resound. Let only children's laughter and happy voices of happy citizens be heard in every home! 


Jennet Saparova,
chief specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.