Our national values inherited from our ancestors in turkmen country the descendants of the ancient oguzes who went down in history with their heroism are an invaluable asset for us. 

At the Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state under the wise leadership of our esteemed President our ancient traditions, material and spiritual heritage are taking on a new dimension. Protecting the historical and cultural heritage of our people and promoting it widely in the world is one of the important directions of the state policy implemented by our esteemed President. 

The Turkmen people greatly respect their national values. Along with ahalteke horses, turkmen carpets and other valuables, loyal, brave and honorable turkmen albay dogs have gained great popularity in the world. Each nation's contribution to world culture is determined by its material and spiritual values. The turkmen people are also a nation that has created the best values ​​for the whole of humanity over the centuries. Our Hero Arkadag, our esteemed President are doing great things in spreading the glory of turkmen alabays to the world. 

With the tireless efforts of our Hero Arkadag the establishment of the International "Turkmen Alabay dogs" association created a great condition for breeding, preserving the pure blood, and enlarging the number of alabay dogs. 

About alabai dogs known for their courage, loyalty in the book "Türkmen alabaýy" by our Hero Arkadag says: "Alabay is the wealth of our Motherland. It is a national treasure created by our forefathers. It is our duty to preserve it and pass it on to our future generations in all its splendour", and well appreciated the turkmen alabay who created on the basis of the rich experience of bravery dog – breeders and miracle of turkmen nature. 

The sayings of our ancestors «Itim — gutum», «It geldi — gut (döwlet) geldi», «It — ata, är — daýa» testifies that the turkmen alabay has been receiving great respect since the beginning of the millenniums. Also, alabay who has been considered a loyal friend and trusted confidant, proves that they are very loyal and trustworthy. 

Alabays are an integral part of our rich cultural heritage. The noble traditions of our forefathers are worthily continued today, as well as preserving them and passing them on to future generations. With the introduction of specialized breeding and quarantine centers in the capital and regions of the country, necessary conditions have been created for the care and education of purebred dogs, to ensure their health is in a normal state, and to hold competitions among dogs. Also, the creation of honorary titles such as «Türkmenistanyň at gazanan itşynasy», «Türkmenistanyň halk itşynasy» based on the Laws of Turkmenistan is an indicator of concern for turkmen dog breeders. 

That it is so, on December 27, 2021, in order to make the turkmen alabay more famous in the world and to develop national dog breeding, the signing of the relevant document on the celebration of the Turkmen alabay’s holiday on the last Sunday of October every year is a clearly testifies it. In the year of "the Era of the People with Arkadag" for the first time "Turkmen alabay’s holiday" will be celebrated as a special holiday. 

It is not for nothing that the alabay was chosen as the symbol of the 5th Asian Indoor and martial arts games in 2017. Alabays are known for their loyalty and bravery has played an important role in the life of our people both in the past and in the present. 

The preaching activities of our esteemed President in the field of preserving our national heritage and promoting it widely in the world are also supported by laws. This is evidenced by the adoption of the Law of Turkmenistan "On dog breeding and cynology" on July 24 of this year. The purpose of the legislation of Turkmenistan on dog breeding and cynology is to improve breeding practices, preserve the purity of the breed of dogs included in the national gene pool, to enlarge the breeding and improvement of dogs are promote dog breeding and cynology by creating legal guarantees. 

Everyone in the world probably knows that one of the things necessary for human life is loyalty and friendship. Here, the fact that those loyal friendship qualities are concentrated in turkmen alabay dogs, which are like lions makes us proud and lifts our spirits and the beautiful lines of our Hero Arkadag's poem "Turkmen alabayy" come to mind and warm the heart. 

Asyrlaryň sungatyna  
Dowam türkmen alabaýy. 
Halkyň milli gymmatyna 
Kemal türkmen alabaýy.

 May the lifes of our Hero Arkadag and our esteemed President who implemented great works in the field of spreading to the world, protect and improve the material and spiritual values of turkmen, which have been perfected over the centuries, and to introduce them into the life of our people, and gave a modern start to these works in the new historical epoch be long, and the works that carries the importance of humanity be prosperous! 


Hekimberdi Ovezov, 
a secretary-referent of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.