Under the prudent leadership of our esteemed President the brave farmers of our Motherland who have perfected their pure profession, gather a rich harvest from the mother soil and hold a grand holiday in the golden autumn season. The blessing of the fruitful harvest, which is the result of honest labor, shines light on the faces and gives joy to the hearts. The Harvest day which takes its focus back from centuries ago, is a celebration of national unity and the hard work of our people. 

When we say about the Harvest day, the first thing that comes to mind is the fruits of our brave ancestors' hard work. Because, with pure labor of our farmers a rich harvest of crops and food is grown from the generous turkmen land, and its provided the county with abundance of food. 

In our Independent, eternally Neutral country it has become a noble tradition to celebrate the Harvest day at the state level every year on the second Sunday of November. This holiday has a deep meaning as a culmination of the work of our farmers throughout the year. It is a clear expression of farmer's pride in the harvest produced from the land. 

Yes, when we talk about the harvest, first of all, wheat, cotton, vegetable crops, and all the products from orchards come to mind. The word "hasyl/result" is also associated with phrases such as the realization of a dream or the realization of an expected result. 

At the Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state on the basis of the country – wide advantageous initiatives of our esteemed President this year which is being held under the motto "the era of the people with Arkadag" has been a great success. Our grain harvesters handed over a bountiful harvest of wheat to the Motherland thresher. This year a rich harvest of vegetables and fruits were gathered in the country. Our shepherds have achieved labor success in increasing the number of cattle and providing the population with meat and dairy products. 

Under the leadership of our esteemed President Turkmenistan has become a leading agricultural country by continuously increasing the efficiency of agricultural production. With the hard work of rural workers our dear land is flourishing. As a result of their hard work, there is an abundance of food in the country, and the economic development is progressing. 

The availability of powerful machinery such as fertilizers, prime seed for planting crops, water supply, and long-term lease of land contributed to the more productive work of agricultural workers who earn income from the soil, it helped to increase the export potential of agricultural crops to the production of products imported from abroad. That is why today the vegetable products grown by the turkmen farmer have a worthy place in the world market. 

Turkmenistan is a country of ancient and rich farming culture. Today, taking care of the soil takes on a new meaning. Our state respects immensely the farmer's bountiful harvest from the fertile turkmen land. 

On the occasion of the holiday, exhibitions dedicated to the abundant harvest of our fertile land are organized in all regions of the country. Products of the cotton and grain growing, animal husbandry, food industry, textile industry industries, and samples of new agricultural techniques are displayed to the public. The seeds of the best varieties of cotton, which is one of the important agricultural crops grown in our Motherland Turkmenistan are widely introduced. In those exhibitions, you can get acquainted with samples of medium fiber and especially valuable fine fiber cotton. 

Cotton fiber not only serves as a raw material for the modern enterprises of the rapidly growing textile industry of the country, but also serves as a raw material for some food products. The vegetable oil is produced from cottonseed, its bark is used as a highly nutritious fodder for cattle, construction materials made from cotton are widely used by turkmen entrepreneurs in furniture making and construction purposes. 

On the occasion of the Harvest day, by the Decree of our esteemed President, leading farmers and laborers are given special presents and honorary titles. All of these spread the festive glow of this holiday which is celebrated in our sunny Land. 

Various cultural and sports events, conferences and exhibitions are organized in the capital and all velayats of our country dedicated to the harvest day, and the fertile fringes are widely open. Performances by artists add a special effect to the Harvest day. It reflects the spiritual values ​​and traditions of the turkmen people, the integrity, hard work and well-being of our citizens. 

Of course, following the wise saying of our ancestors, " Daýhandan hereket, ýerden bereket", the rich harvest cultivated by our farmers with devotion to the mother land is a guarantee of the prosperity of every family and the happy life of our people. 

Let the blessings of the generous turkmen land never fade! 

May the live of our esteemed President who takes agriculture to the highest levels of development in the new epoch will be long, the deeds for the nation and country benefit, and noble purpose works will always prosper! 


Ogulmaral Rejepova, 
main specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.