Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, the days of our beautiful Land are filled with feasts, unforgettable joyful events, and stir the hearts of our brave people. 

Every month of our Independent, permanent Neutral state is devoted to celebrations. Our united people living in the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state know the value of holidays, greets them with labor achievements and celebrates with great joy. One of them is the New year holiday. 

In the year of "The era of the people with Arkadag" our happy people welcome the new year 2023 with great confidence, good wishes and good intentions for further success. The New year holiday which awakens enthusiasm in the hearts of young and old is celebrated in our peaceful country every year as a big holiday. 

The pleasant atmosphere of New year is spreading everywhere. His approach is felt everywhere. In our capital and in the velayats of our country beautiful spruces are decorated in front of public buildings, trees along the streets are decorated with colorful lights, parks are preparing to become a joyful concert venues. 

The New year which is one of the holidays that is eagerly awaited by all the people on earth, young and old, is celebrated with great joy, it brings new hopes and dreams to people, it gives them the holiday mood. The New year brings confidence that there will be joy, happiness and prosperity in every family's home. The New year is a time of true miracles and dreams come true. 

The peace of our beloved Motherland, the prosperous life of our people, and the day-by-day increase in the reputation of our country in the world make each of us proud. Such great fortune, happiness and statehood became the main symbol of the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state. 

Saying goodbye to the old year, every institution-business, every home, family, every happy person of our Motherland whose hearts are lifted to the sky, every day flourishes, blooms, looks at new achievements, greets the new year with great achievements, developments, best wishes. 

The New year holiday is eagerly awaited in our rich and prosperous turkmen land. Coming to an end in 2022 – in the year of "The era of the people with Arkadag" proud reforms aimed at the happy life of the people took place in the country, joyful events opened the bright pages in the new history of turkmen. 

This year in our white city of Ashgabat the exhibitions and consultations at the international level talked about the development and reforms of the country, cultural days, art festivals, film weeks and joint concerts celebrated in foreign countries and in our country showed that the cultural cooperation between peoples is becoming more active. 

Beautiful New year trees which add beauty to the beauty of our white city of Ashgabat are decorated in every corner of the city and in our velayats. Santa Claus who listens to the children's wishes and distributes sweets, walks around the New year tree with them and sings a songs together has turned into sound of happiness. The wonderful gifts that our esteemed President gives to happy children on New year's holiday are a symbol of his infinite love for them. Exchange of gifts invigorates human spirit, inspires trust in life, love and opens the way to relationships that last for centuries. 

In the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state the construction and commissioning of modern bazaars, commercial and cultural recreation centers in the regions of the country, including our capital is a practical reflection of our esteemed President's efforts aimed at the happy life of his beloved people. 

Our national treasures in the gift shops located in these facilities which are built according to world standards are of great interest not only to our people, but also to tourists from all over the world. 

Various types of sweets packed in boxes printed the Santa Claus suitable for modern shopping centers and stores, gift products of turkmen entrepreneurs, new year trees of various sizes, toys that shine on them, key rings with the image of the year, pictures, figurines and boxes are also good gift for congratulating each other on the New year. The gifts that make the New year even more festive are inspire people's enthusiasm. On New year eve the white snow falls on the goodness. As the saying goes "The winter's snow – medicine for spring", white snow is considered a symbol of purity, goodness and fertility. 

Let in 2023 every day of our Independent, permanent Neutral country under the leadership of our esteemed President, and Hero Arkadag will be in harmony with the developments, and will celebrated the holidays. 

Let the life of our esteemed President who leads our beloved country from development to development will be long, healthy!  Let the country's advantageous, world-important deeds of our esteemed President will be successful in the up coming year! 

May the New year will bring the happiness and prosperity to every family! May our dear Motherland live forever and our people be united! May your bright dreams come true in the New year. Happy New Year, dear compatriots! 


leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.