In our holy Motherland our brave and united people are living a peaceful, noble life under the shadow of our esteemed President, working hard with passion. 

Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President our Motherland is flourishing, growing and changing in the year held under the motto "Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar" in the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state. The Day of Defenders of the Fatherland is traditionally celebrated in the country on January 27 every year with great enthusiasm and great ceremony. The day of Defenders of Motherland is traditionally celebrated in our country on January 27 every year with great enthusiasm and great ceremony. Widespread cultural events on the occasion of the glorious day are wings the soul, raise the proud heads of personnel composition of the military and law enforcement agencies of the country, strengthens the noble qualities of our people, such as patriotism and courage, increase the enthusiasm of military personnel for their duties, and inspire them to new achievements. Dedicated to the principles of peace for defense purposes our Military doctrine defines the military-political, military-economic and military-strategic principles of ensuring the country's military security. The legal basis of the Military doctrine consists of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Constitutional law of Turkmenistan "on the permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan", other laws and normative legal documents of the country, as well as international agreements of Turkmenistan on ensuring military security. 

Article 58 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan states: "Defending Turkmenistan is the sacred duty of every citizen. General military service is prescribed for every man who is a citizen of Turkmenistan. 

The words of our Hero Arkadag: "The defense of the Motherland is a great honor for all generations of the turkmen people" have a great meaning, and these wise words inspire the military to new achievements. In our Powerful state the names of the sons of the Motherland, whose exemplary lives and bravery are highly respected, immortalized, and the traditions of the warrior are adopted as a principle. 

Magnificent lines of the great thinker and poet of turkmen Magtymguly Pyragy: 

«Ol merdiň ogludyr, mertdir pederi, 
Görogly gardaşy, serhoşdyr seri, 
Dagda, düzde kowsa saýýatlar, diri 
Ala bilmez, ýolbars ogly türkmeniň» are also a clear evidence that our generations are courageous, zealous, and loyal defenders of the Motherland.

Started by our Hero Arkadag, our esteemed President relying on his efforts and experience is developing our Independent, permanently Neutral Motherland like a mountain at the level of developed countries of the world. In these matters our esteemed President strongly believes in the youth of the country who are strong, goal-oriented and confident in the future. The naming of 2023 as "Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar" signifies the comprehensive contribution of our happy youth to our great developments this year. 

Under the leadership of our esteemed President the works being done to create perfect generations are world model. Happy young people also have a worthy share in the growing prosperity of our Independent, permanent Neutral country, and in raising the glory of our Motherland to high levels. As a result of the perfect wisdom of our esteemed President and the implementing humanitarian policy, today spirited youth are the owner of the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state. As a result of the visionary initiatives of our esteemed President the successful implementation of the state policy on youth creates great opportunities for young people who are the owners of a bright future to get a perfect education, to create, to work hard, and to serve to our powerful state with wholeheartedly. 

The words said above shows that our country is a place of peace, our people are patriots, and that the year held under the motto "Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar" in the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state finds its worthy expression. 

We wish sound health, long life, high heads save, prosperity in all hard works that is important for the country, the people, and the common humanity - to our Hero Arkadag, and to our esteemed President, who is carrying out important, unbreakable works in the economic development of our Independent, permanent Neutral state, and in making our people’s live prosperous and happy. 


Ogulnyyaz Mammetnurova, 
leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.